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Due to our busy lives, it has become increasingly necessary to take care of our mental health! To do this, take care of your mental health using your cellphone.

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There are currently applications available for Android and iPhone (iOS) cellphones that offer emotional support to users and some activities that can help maintain their mental health.

Such applications make it possible, among other things, to select your state of mind, and then carry out guided meditations, performing actions such as controlling your breathing.

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To do this, see below six apps that can help improve your mental health and get you out of difficult times.

Be Okay

The Be Okay app is available for Android and iPhone (iOS) cellphones and aims to help users deal with anxiety attacks and panic attacks through breathing control.

Be Okay offers a series of inhalation and exhalation exercises, with periods that can be customized in the app’s settings.

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Furthermore, you can choose relaxing audios to listen to, such as “Cicarras”, “Tropical Forest” or “Ondas”.

Finally, the application provides a speed dial button, which makes it easier to contact a family member or friend in cases of emergency.


Rootd provides several tools for overcoming panic attacks and anxiety attacks, whether for “immediate” or long-term cases.

One of its main service features is a red button, which must be pressed in times of crisis. In doing so, the user chooses between two possible paths: one to find quick comfort, and the other to face and deconstruct bad feelings.

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Furthermore, the app can help in difficult times, such as an “Emergency Contact” button to register the number of a friend, family member or help center; and a virtual diary, to record everyday experiences.

Furthermore, the application has a Premium version that gives access to more short and long-term lessons, with topics such as “Diet” and “Addiction to Social Networks”.


Cingulum works with the concept of guided therapy and seeks to help resolve emotional issues and improve self-knowledge.

On first access, it is necessary to answer a self-assessment test; Then, based on the results, several lessons such as sessions to overcome shyness, fear and anxiety will be shown.

The app can be installed for free on Android and iPhone (iOS) cell phones, but it also has a version for subscribers, in which new techniques and content are released.

Tá tudo bem?

Available for Android, the “Tá Tudo Bem?” it has resources that aim to offer emotional support and help prevent suicide.

On the home page, the red button “I need to talk to someone” flashes on the screen. Through it, it is possible to call the Life Valuation Center (CVV) under complete confidentiality and receive support.

Furthermore, the application allows you to register an emergency contact number and find breathing exercises for times of crisis.

It is worth remembering that, if you are and/or know someone at risk, the ideal is to contact the Life Valorization Center (call 188). Furthermore, although the options offer immediate solutions, in the long term it is recommended to contact psychological help.

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Now that you know the apps to take care of your mental health using your cellphone, go to Google Play Store or App StoreTry it for yourself!

Do not forget that, in case of need, seek professional help.

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