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Measure your height using just your cell phone and get relevant measurement information from other objects as well.

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Sometimes it can be curious to measure our height or that of objects around the house, the street or any other place.

Who has never felt in doubt about the size of a door, a car, a house facade, etc?

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With these applications, these doubts and questions will reduce considerably in your daily life.

We brought some options for you who are looking to measure your height or other objects using just your cell phone.

Measure Iphone

The iPhone has an app from its IOS 12 that allows you to simply and quickly measure the dimensions.

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This way, it is possible to obtain measurements of height and other objects in a precise and completely practical way.

This is an application that already comes with the iPhone, so it often won’t be necessary to download it.

If necessary, just access the App Store and go to the iPhone applications and type Measure in the search.

So, with Measure on your cell phone you will save time, without having to measure with rulers and measuring tapes.

Measure operation

Below is a step-by-step guide explaining how to use the app to obtain measurements:

  • 1st- Open the app and follow the movement instructions that Measure asks.
  • 2nd- Move around the environment until a circle appears.
  • 3rd – Select a point in the location where you want to start the measurement.
  • 4th- Move the cell phone to where you want and fix a point to mark the end.
  • 5th- After that you will be able to adjust the points for a better measurement.
  • 6th- To record the measurements on your cell phone, just click, after which the app will create a copy and save it on the clipboard.
  • 7th – If you want to start over, and carry out other measures, just click on “clear”.

Download Measure via App Store.


ImageMeter is a very diverse and complete app that can be used to measure your height, objects, rooms, etc.

Used a lot by contractors and architects too, due to its enormous ease and functionality, obtaining accurate measurements.

In this simple and quick way using just your cell phone, the measurements obtained within the app are of great help.

Its usefulness is immense and you can use it for work or for fun measuring objects or your friends and family.

Because of this, we brought it to you, already thinking about how this app will help you in your daily life in a practical way.

ImageMeter functionality

So here we’re going to give you a help with this application, so you can start using it.

  • 1st- First select a photo for the app to use as a reference.
  • 2nd- Open the camera and capture the object or person you want to measure.
  • 3rd- Tap on the captured photo and click on the “+” button in the right corner of the screen.
  • 4th- On its first use it will be necessary to add a scale and measurement reference.
  • 5th- Click on “reference” and add a measurement for the app to use as an example.
  • 6th- After that, click on the ruler circles within the app, and enter the measurement in centimeters.
  • 7th- Again click on the “+” and select the dimension option.
  • 8th- Draw a line from the starting point of the measurement to the end point, then click outside the image.
  • 9th- The application will save all measurements on the home screen, however to save in the cloud a premium plan is required.

Download now ImageMeter via Google Play Store.

Height Meter

Height Meter is an application that can measure heights and distances, with simple movements on your cell phone.

Just by pointing the camera at the desired object, you can perform a high-performance measurement.

This is because this application has “augmented reality” technology that allows accurate measurements to be captured.

Its operation is simple and its interface is intuitive, which makes everything easier when using the app.

You can use the app to measure people, objects, trees, houses and much more. Incredible, isn’t it?

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How the Height Meter works

Its operation is very simple, and in just a few steps you will be able to use this application:

  • 1st- Open the application and use the camera through the Height Meter.
  • 2nd- Point the camera at the person or object you want to measure.
  • 3º- In a few moments the app’s augmented reality will take the measurements.
  • 4th- Soon after this, the results will appear on the screen for you to see and save on your cell phone.

Download now Height Meter via Google Play Store ou App Store.

Measure your height using just your cell phone and share this trending news with friends and family.


The conditions and benefits of each app may vary at any time and without prior notice – being the sole responsibility of its developers.

For always up-to-date information, we recommend that you access your favorite app store (Google Play Store ou App Store), and download the application that interests you most.