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UFC: Deverson will need to undergo surgery

UFC: Deverson will need to undergo surgery

UFC: Deverson will need to undergo surgery. The flyer category fighter after receiving hard blows did not make his eyes open. MMA is a fantastic sport, putting professional fighters in an octagon is always fascinating.Especially when we have fighters who like the standing fight. The exchange between the fighters led the audience to delirium.Both Brazilian …


What is allowed or prohibited in the UFC

MMA, which stands for Mixed Martial Arts, is gaining more and more fame around the world. With each passing day, new people discover themselves as fans of this sport that, for many, is quite aggressive and difficult to watch. One of its main events is the UFC, which stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship, it’s a …

best martial arts

The best martial arts for self-defense

Are you afraid to walk down the street alone? Would you like to know how to defend yourself if you need to? We’ve developed a really cool list of the best martial arts for self-defense. Martial arts are physical and mental practices, derived from war techniques, with the aim of developing their practitioners so that …