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Discover the application to get a duplicate of your electricity bill, pay the bill through the app, make your life easier.

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Technology has brought countless facilities to everyone. Today we do many things using applications.

We no longer need to leave the house to pay bills, check bank balances and much more. We do everything through apps, collecting a duplicate of an electricity bill too.

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Today, you just need to access the right app to have everything in the palm of your hand. With just a few clicks you can get the barcode and pay your bill.

Avoid late fees and similar problems, pay your bill easily and quickly. Find out which application you use to get the duplicate of your electricity bill.

Federal Electricity Commission

At first, we can say that this is a public company that has a social character. Responsible for supplying electricity, this state-owned company fulfills its role well.

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Evidently its main role is to supply electricity to Mexicans. However, without neglecting its social role, reducing CO₂ emissions into the atmosphere.

Modernizing and diversifying your processes, improving your results, and satisfying users’ needs. The state-owned company began in mid-August 1937, realizing the population’s needs.

After all, only 38% of the population had electricity. Ultimately, all of CFE’s growth brought comfort and expansion to Mexico.

CFE Contigo application

Firstly, the company grew, developed, improving its service throughout the country. The modernization of supply occurred impressively, however, its service to the public followed suit.

Thus, the application arrived in full force, making it much easier for the end user to contact the supplier. Discover some very interesting functions of the application, take advantage of these tools and have a duplicate of your electricity bill.

Firstly, you can check the duplicate of your electricity bill, and even pay through the app. Which makes everything easier, after all, you do everything through the app.

Additionally, you can download your latest bills, comparing amounts and monthly expenses. The app also informs you of the 10 CFE service points closest to you. This way, it is simple to resolve something in person. Install the CFE Contigo app.

Other features of the CFE Contigo app

Finally, you can report power supply failures directly through the app. The correction in energy supply is much simpler and faster.

Avoid running out of power for a long time, resolve everything through the app. Therefore, the CFE Contigo app is more than an application to obtain a duplicate of your electricity bill.

It has other very interesting features. Through the app you can activate the electronic receipt, this way your electricity bill will no longer be on paper.

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Everything will be available directly in the app, have electronic reminders so you don’t forget your bill. Calculate consumption in advance, simulating until the end of the month.

Install the CFE Contigo app and enjoy. Get yours now application to have a duplicate of your electricity bill.


The conditions and benefits of each app may vary at any time and without prior notice – being the sole responsibility of its developers.

So, for update information, we recommend that you go to your favorite app store (Google Play Store or App Store), and download the app that interests you the most.