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Check out the app to watch Turkish soap operas for free and have access to lots of plot, drama and romance content.

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We know how difficult it can often be to find soap operas, series and films that please us and escape the monotomy.

It’s always good to have a different type of entertainment to relax after a tiring day or even on vacation.

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Leaving the monotony of everyday life is our main focus, leaving the obvious a little is certainly a very good thing.

Links to applications and other services are at the end of this article, stay with us until the end and choose the one that interests you most.

Turkish Soap Operas

Firstly, Turkish soap operas were born in the mid-1960s and became a landmark of a great era.

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Since they were created, the most discussed themes have been dramas, romances, suspense and always involving family and tradition.

Therefore, themes that we generally live in our real lives in our relationships and even friendships.

Some soap operas tend to have episodes of up to 2 hours long, where a great plot always unfolds.

These are captivating soap operas that leave the audience always apprehensive and tense waiting for their glorious outcome.

Famous soap operas

See now a list of some of the most famous Turkish soap operas, which are having the greatest success:

  • The Famous Tailor (Terzi)
  • Early Bird (Erkenci Kuş)
  • A New Woman (Zeytin Ağacı)
  • Full Moon (Dolunay)

Where to watch

Below we leave some applications that show Turkish soap operas on their streaming platform, see what they are:


Netflix, we all know, was an innovative application that changed the streaming platform market.

This platform is one of the pioneers in this market and has great exclusivity when it comes to Turkish soap operas.

Therefore, if you are looking for a platform with a wide variety of soap opera options, this app is ideal.

Therefore, Netflix has soap operas in its catalog such as; “Love 101”, “Fatma”, “8 in Istanbul” and much more.

Access Netflix and see this universe of Turkish soap operas available on the platform and have fun with friends and family.


You’ve certainly heard of this app, but you knew it by its old name, it was called HBO Max.

The platform has undergone some changes and is now called MAX, but don’t be worried about the content.

MAX is increasingly innovative and all the content from the old HBO Max continues to be present in its catalogue.

Great Turkish soap operas like ; “Yargi – Family Secrets”, “The Agency”, “A Miracle”, “Is It Love?” and etc.

Watch the best Turkish soap operas on this platform and have a different experience with these great works.

TNT Soap Operas

TNT Soap Operas is a subscription channel from the Warner Bros group specialized in showing various soap operas.

It is a channel aimed especially at this segment of soap opera entertainment on the most varied themes.

In this channel you will find a wide range of soap opera options to watch with your friends or family.

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Turkish hits like; “Hercai: Love and Revenge”, “Marasli: The Protector”, “Love and Honor”, “Mr. Wrong” and more.

Access this platform and search for the soap operas that interest you most and share them with those you like.

Create a free app to watch Turkish soap operas for free and have fun!

You can download the applications through the links available below:


The conditions and benefits of each app may vary at any time and without prior notice – being the sole responsibility of its developers.

For always up-to-date information, we recommend that you access your favorite app store(Google Play Store or App Store), and download the application that interests you most.