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Apps that cut hair in photos

Apps that cuts hair in photos

Wouldn’t it be interesting to know how you would look with another haircut without actually having to change your hair? It’s impressive what technology can offer you, including introducing you to apps that cuts hair in photos. That’s right! Discover possibilities of looks in this list of applications that we have developed for you. Shall …

Take a 360 degree photo for free

Take a 360 degree photo for free

Have you ever imagined recording every little piece of your best moments? That’s right, it’s now possible to take 360-degree photos on your cellphone in a complete and creative way. Stay with us and learn how to take a 360 degree photo for free. Due to technological advances, it is now possible to take photos …


Watch free NFL on mobile

The National Football League, known worldwide by the acronym NFL, is the professional American football league in the United States. Even though it is an american thing, the whole world likes to watch the games. Did you know that there are apps to watch free NFL on mobile? That’s right! In a simple and practical …


See your city by satellite imagery

Satellite images are very interesting, aren’t they? Being able to look at everything from above, from a different perspective is very exciting. There are apps that allow you to see your city by satellite imagery, and people use these apps for a variety of purposes. This type of application is widely used for people to …