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Did you know that it is now possible for you to learn hot to watch soccer championships on mobile apps? That’s right, the wait is over, now you can watch your favorite game series in the palm of your hand!

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The wait is over! Now you have easy access to your favorite championships, like UEFA Champions League, Brazilian championship, among other soccer competitions accompanied by the public.

For this, we have prepared a list with streaming applications to follow live games! Let’s get started?

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This streaming platform made its debut in Brazil in 2021, after Disney purchased FOX, thus receiving exclusive content from the ESPN channel.

Star+ specializes in broadcasting various soccer competitions, such as the Italian and French Championships and the Copa Libertadores.

In addition, the service has broadcasts of live NBA games, fight events with ESPN Knock Out and other sports broadcasts. Pretty cool, right?

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The HBO Max platform, under the responsibility of WarnerMedia, has the rights to show the competition of Campeonato Paulista and UEFA Champions League games live.

In addition to such displays, the application presents incredible value for money, and we know this is really important for most people!

DirecTV GO

The DirecTV GO platform displays incredible content such as SporTB, ESPN, Fox Sports and BAND Sports. Such channels guarantee a very complete set of live matches, not just for soccer, but also other sports.


The Premiere platform is a streaming service that specializes in broadcasting state championship games such as Gaúcho, Mineiro, Paulista and Pernambucano.

The application is also a specialist in broadcasting games from the Copa do Brasil and the A and B series of the Brasileirão.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video can be an amazing option for watching soccer matches online. The application has several matches and live streams, making it easy for you to watch any match you want! It is a must!


Although the Twitch platform is not a specialist in broadcasting sports, but theres a large number of streamers with large numbers of followers who have acquired the transmission of some competitions.
So, it’s important that you stay tuned for streams that are broadcasting the games live and for free!

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TNT Sports Stadium

The TNT Sports Stadium, better known as El Plus, is a streaming service used in countries like Chile and Argentina and specializes in broadcasting live matches of the Paulista Championship, World Cup Qualifiers and Chilean Championship.

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Now that you know which applications are specialists in broadcasting live games, go straight to Google Play Store or App Store and choose which best suits your needs.

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