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Do you know how to listen to beautiful free hymns of praise? No?! Then this is the article you were looking for!

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Listening to hymns of praise is a habit of many people who want to get closer to God and listen to music and praise at the same time.

Today, thanks to technology, we have access to a wide range of options to enjoy these beautiful melodies for free. Did you know that?

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We developed this post with several apps to help you complete the goal of how to listen to beautiful hymns of praise for free.


Gospel Music Without Internet has a collection of Christian tracks to listen offline anytime and anywhere.

With this application, users can save their favorite songs, download them and listen in any order they want. It is worth noting that Gospel Music Without Internet is completely free.

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Apple Music is an app that used to exist only for iOS devices, but now it can also be purchased for Android.

With it, users have more than 100 million tracks to listen to with a variety of artists and genres, including Gospel. The app also lets you download songs for offline listening and lets you create and share your playlists with friends.

To start using Apple Music, the user can choose between the University subscription, Individual or Family.


Among the most popular music apps is Spotify. It has millions of tracks available, covering all kinds of music genres, such as country, funk, blues, jazz, rock and Gospel.

In order to personalize the experience, the app recommends songs according to the user’s preferences and allows him to create playlists with his favorite tracks.

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Spotify can be used for free with ads, but for those who want more benefits, it is possible to opt for one of its paid plans, they are Individual, Duo, Family and University.


SoundCloud is an app for listening to all types of music, including Gospel tracks. With it, users can find new hits, listen to playlists and even follow artists and friends.

Within the application, you can discover the songs of the moment, favorite your favorite tracks and find suggestions according to your tastes and preferences.


Despite being free, SoundCloud has three options for paid plans starting at $9.99 per month that are available for some countries, they include offline listening features, better audio quality and access to the entire music catalog .


With Amazon Music, users have access to an extensive music library. There are more than 100 million tracks from the most diverse genres, including gospel.

This app allows you to exchange unlimited music, has podcasts and even works in offline mode, away from an internet connection.

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YouTube Music is the YouTube app for anyone who loves listening to music. In it, users have an exclusive space to access videos and playlists.

It is still possible to create your own playlists and explore new musical styles, including Gospel.


Now go straight to Google Play Store or App Store and choose which best suits your needs.

We hope you enjoyed our text! See you in the next one! Bye Bye!