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Get to know the application to check and pay electricity bill through the cell phone.

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CFE Request – Check and pay your energy bill through the best app.

Do you know how much your account is worth?

Now it is very easy to find out with the CFE Contigo application, this is the application that the Federal Electricity Commission has available for its users.

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With this resource, the company intends to offer a more comfortable and avant-garde service.

As we mentioned, this application is an official resource established by the Federal Electricity Commission.
For this reason, the payment voucher that is downloaded is valid for use in any procedure that must be carried out.

What do you need to download and use this resource?

The download is compatible with any mobile device (mobile phone or tablet) with  Android and iOS operating system. And it does not require any type of monetary recharge; that is, the download is free.

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Follow the next four steps:

– Access the app store from your device: Google Play Store for Android and Apple Store for iOS.

– Type CFE Contigo – in the top search bar

– Beyond that, hit the “Install” button and wait for the process to complete.

– Finally, sign up to start using it.

When completing registration with a user account, you must associate your service number.
This can be done manually or by scanning the barcode on your electricity bill.

Mainly, if you have it correctly, a message will appear on the screen with your service number and name of the owner.

To check the balance

The current balance is automatically reflected on the main screen or by choosing the “Balance” option at the bottom of the mobile screen.

In addition, you will find information about the cancellation closing limit and the billing term.

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You also have the option to consult the receipts of previous months with the detail of each item charged
How? By clicking on the “Receipts” icon located at the bottom of the screen and selecting the one you wish to consult.

What else does the CFE Contigo application offer?

Despite paying your electricity bills, you can carry out other operations such as:

Home receipt payment.


Review the detailed charge for canceled receipts (up to one year old), claims for failures in the electrical service and high consumption… Mainly, you can request explanations about your balance.

It is possible to locate nearby customer service centers and to answer your questions.

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You can calculate an estimate of its energy consumption.

Beyond that, receive notifications about the service or payment reminders.

Application to check and pay electricity bill.

These and other options are updated, corrected and improved as applications are updated.


Consequently, it will improve the users’ browsing experience.

So… Now that you know everything about the application to consult and pay electricity bills, you can use it to control your waivers. Go to  Google Play Store or App Store and try the app!

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