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Did you, television lover, know that there is an application to watch free TV? That’s right!

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Well, there’s actually more than one app, and we will tell you all about it here in this post. Keep reading to find out more about it and learn how you can access an application to watch free TV.


Many Android devices have a native Digital TV application, which does not need internet to work. To use it, just connect an antenna through the headphones input: this antenna is present in the device’s box, but can also be replaced by the headphone. It’s pretty simple, isn’t it?

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DirecTV GO is an IPTV service with more than 70 channels included in the basic plan. Lots of options, isn’t it? The transmission is done over the internet.

Users can quickly switch between live channels or check on demand content. The service stands out for the number of channels and the possibility of à la carte packages, which pleases many people.

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You can access Guigo TV (which is also an IPTV service) on devices with an internet connection. The mobile app allows you to access a catalog of soap operas on demand and check the television schedule to watch live programs, with 42 channels available in the basic plan and offering additional services.

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PlayPlus is a platform that can be accessed via Android, iOS and the Web. It was launched in 2018 and has since conquered the public with its variety of channels and programming.

In addition to exclusive access for subscribers, it offers free access. An initial registration is required, however fun is guaranteed. Amazing, isn’t it?

If you don’t have access to these apps, there are also several other very interesting options, such as Sling TV, GOOGLE PLAY MOVIES & TV, SHOWTIME ANYTIME and many many more. There are many options, you just need to know where to look, which is why we developed this post for you.


Showtime Anytime grants you access to live TV, as well as on-demand contents, like classic shows that the channel previously aired. In addition, the app includes lists and reminders so you won’t miss anything you want to watch. This is really very interesting for viewers.


So… Did you like the content we developed for you? Do not waste any more time and go straight to Google Play Store or App Store and choose which best suits your needs. With so many options it is really hard to choose but you will definitely have your favorite… We totally bet on that!

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