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Going through the experience of being in the middle of an earthquake must be terrifying, right? Did you know that there is already an app that gives you real-time earthquake alert?

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Very interesting, isn’t it?

With that in mind, we have developed a list so that you can have access to the best and most reliable applications within this theme, making you feel more relaxed in these situations.

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Shall we check the list of apps? Here we go!

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The American Red Cross earthquake

The American Red Cross has several applications for a variety of natural disasters and this includes earthquakes.

This includes out-of-the-box support for Spanish. In addition, the app notifies you when earthquakes happen in your area, provides a history of earthquakes in your area, and provides various informational resources for better preparedness.

The app has tons of tips for dealing with things during and after an earthquake, as well as long-term recovery advice. This one is completely free with no in-app purchases or ads. However, the app has some insects.

Earthquake Network

Earthquake Community is a kind of complete earthquake app. It alerts you about nearby earthquakes, america your phone to detect earthquakes and acts as a kind of network. There were around 8,800 devices on the network during our testing and we assume that alerts are generated by these people.

The app america your phone’s accelerometer as a kind of seismograph, but only when your phone is charging.

The free version includes this, an earthquake history guide dating back to 2000, and a few other features. Those who get the top rate version also get some additional notification options and an emergency chat room.

Professional Earthquake

EarthQuake Professional is a pretty basic earthquake app. You can see earthquakes from all over the world in the recent past.

In addition, the app provides event details, provides alerts for earthquakes in your area, and has a built-in seismograph function. The UI is Subject material Design. That means it looks good and is easy to navigate.

The top rate version takes away the advertising and adds some additional features. It looks like a newer app and needs a little work to fix some insects. However, it is competent.

Earthquakes Tracker

Earthquakes Tracker is one of the oldest earthquake tracking apps. It does what most of the tracker apps in this space do. Some of the features include alerts, an interactive map of earthquake activity, alerts customized for your area, and various graphs for data.

You can see things like how many earthquakes there have been and how strong they were. The app can use a visible makeover, but it works fine independently.

The top rate version take away advertising, but we didn’t notice any other significant differences. You can go with anyone.


LastQuake is the official app of the CSEM (Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center) and is developed by seismologists. It crowdsources America as its most important detection method and quickly provides earthquake power estimates. It also obtains information from 86 institutes in 57 countries.

The app itself is quite simple. You get a basic user interface, easy access to all tools, earthquake safety tips, and customizable notifications.

Also, there is a feature to send text messages to loved ones in case you are in an earthquake. This one is one of the best and is apparently completely free.

My Earthquake Signals

My Earthquake Signals is a solid and simple earthquake detection app. Shows earthquakes around the world. Also, you can create unrestricted custom alerts just for your area. Some additional features include a history dating back to 1970, a Subject Material Design UI for easy navigation, and more detail about any earthquake.

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Many people started using this app after the 7.0 earthquake in Alaska in December and they seem to be very happy about it. There is a top rate version for $1.99. The only difference we could see is the lack of ads. Otherwise, both apps should work the same.


Volcanoes and Earthquakes

Volcanoes and Earthquakes is a decent app for anyone who wants to keep track of both phenomena. It shows earthquakes and volcanic eruptions on a world scale. Also, you can see volcanoes that are due to erupt or are showing other types of activity.

There are push notifications for earthquakes near you and the app pings various data sources for both types of events.


Now that you know a lot of apps that gives you real-time earthquake alert, there’s no way to be taken by surprise anymore! To download the apps, go to  Google Play Store or App Store, and try it out!

Follow our page to always be informed of all the latest news. See you soon! Bye bye!