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Connecting with our family’s ancestors is very exciting, isn’t it? Knowing more about our family tree makes us connect even more with ourselves. Discover your family tree using your cell phone in this post!

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In this post, we’ll show you what you should do to discover your family tree using your cell phone, in a simple and free way.


Ancestry claims to have the world’s largest database to help put together a family tree. According to the creators, there are more than 20 billion records from 80 countries and 100 million family trees. When creating a tree, the site hints at possible information on relatives available in its databases as the user enters the names of family members.

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A free account on the service gives you access to a range of historical records, including census and immigration documents, as well as databases maintained by churches and military agencies over many years. You can find everything from birth dates to phone books. That’s 14 days free to try before the first monthly fee of at least $24.99, depending on the plan.

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FamilySearch is a completely free genealogy service that has been around for over 20 years. Operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it has features ranging from document recognition to data extraction and online scanning to accessing copies of files from over 100 countries.

The site also has a powerful search tool that allows you to find, without much effort, people who have the same last name, where they come from and in what year they were born. In addition to creating a personal tree, it is possible to save family photos, audios and images to compose a project.

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It is no coincidence that MyHeritage is one of the most famous family tree creators in the world. Just enter first and last name to get a list of records of people with data in common and add with one click.

The site has a base of 10.1 billion historical records to cross-reference data, ensuring good chances of finding useful information. The service also lets you build a tree with others and Smart Matching to discover similar family trees.

The platform is free for 14 days.



Geneanet is a smaller platform, with approximately 1.25 million trees created and data from 6 billion people. Its operation is similar to the others, but there are some differences, such as the search for the origin of surnames and recurrence in different parts of the world, in addition to a section dedicated to the search for data on Portuguese ancestors.


Lucidchart does not offer databases or other family-oriented research tools, but it can serve to improve the look of your family tree. Focused on creating mind maps and flowcharts, the service brings ready-made tree templates to fill in and customize. Its appeal is ease of use: it is possible to move elements on the screen without interfering with arrows and other connectors, in addition to including links, photos and other relevant information.

The service is free and offers a premium version with 1 GB cloud storage, revision history and best illustrations for US$ 11.95 per month.

Now that you know which platforms can help you discover more about your family tree, give it a try! Register on the sites and see which platform best suits your needs.

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We hope our article has helped you decide to go find out more about your family. We always produce different types of content, which may be of interest to you.

See you soon!


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