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You, the driver, need to be a very cautious person when it comes to your driving. In that sense, did you know that there is an app that warns of speed cameras on the highway?

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That’s right!

In fact, there are several apps for this purpose! We have developed a list to let you know what these apps are and which app is best for your needs.

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First of all is Waze, a classic for many drivers. Waze is not a typical speed camera detection application, but rather a maps and navigation application.

But it has many options among which is the detection of radars while driving.

In addition to avoiding traffic, police and many options to make your driving as pleasant as possible.

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TomTom Radars

Let’s start with TomTom Speed Cameras, an application that is used entirely to detect the speed cameras you come across on the road.

“Learn to drive now on mobile”

The database is backed up by a large user community and further reviewed by the TomTom team, so it usually doesn’t fail.

It works with the screen off without problems and communicates by voice.

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TomTom GPS Navigation

And the next one is TomTom GPS Navigation. Also from TomTom, but very different. This application works in a similar way to Waze, it is a navigation application with an option to warn about speed cameras.

So if you’re looking for a Waze alternative for whatever reason, check out this TomTom GPS Navigation.


Now it’s time to talk about Radarbot. Radarbot has the function entirely of detecting where the radars are, it informs you about the maximum speed and how fast you are going.

It has reports of fixed radars, possible mobile radars reported by users, in tunnels, stretches and even cameras at traffic lights. A very complete application.

Social Unit

If you drive a lot, you might be interested in this app. Social Unit It’s a social network for drivers, but even if it’s focused on social, you don’t need to register and you can use it anonymously.

It’s totally free, you let me know if you’ve been fined, etc. And of course, you can see the radars and notify them.

This application obtains information from the DGT (Directorate-General for Traffic), so its source is completely reliable.


And finally let’s talk about CamScan. This app, like others we’ve seen, is an app that specializes in detecting radars.

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It has options like placing the phone in landscape to place it in the most comfortable way for you in the car, it includes its own widget to have it in your hands quickly and some of the radars are checked.


Go straight to  Google Play Store or App Store and download one of the apps, because we are 100% that you’ll think it’s helpful.

We hope you enjoyed our article! We always develop articles on very relevant topics, made especially for you.

See you soon!