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FIFA promotes changes in the Club World Cup. Find out about some of the changes that will take place from 2025 onwards at the World Cup.

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We all know that the FIFA Club World Cup is one of the most important championships in the world. However, its format has changed over the years.

And it will undergo further changes from 2025 onwards. These changes will directly affect football clubs, as it will require a change in club planning.

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In addition, these changes can make the championship more disputed. Thus, the chances of some clubs must be even smaller to realize this dream.

Larger clubs may suffer less from these changes. Without further ado, check out the changes FIFA is making for the Club World Cup.

Big changes for 2025

First, the amount of teams will be much larger. Until now, the world cup was held with only 7 teams, which are the continental champions.

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Plus the champion of the host country, from 2025 there will be 32 teams, making the dispute even more difficult. Thus, the model chosen will be similar to the one already used in the World Cup.

That is, groups formed where teams face each other within the group only. In the World Cup, the two who reach the highest scores move on to the next stage.

How did the UFC start?

In this aspect there may be some change, FIFA is still studying whether two teams or just one will pass on. If two teams pass, the teams would face each other in the round of 16, with 16 teams classified in 8 groups.

However, if only the first in the group passes, the teams would already go to the quarterfinals. The tendency, however, is that only the first of the group passes, as it would reduce a game date.

The teams’ concern is with the calendar, which would be tighter. After all, teams would play more games, one thing is for sure, there will be 32 teams from 2025.

Another decision that seems certain is that the World Cup will only be played every 4 years. FIFA promotes changes in the Club World Cup.

Which teams are already guaranteed at the 2025 World Cup?

In the first place, it is necessary to remember that some teams have already secured their classification for 2025.

Thus, some vacancies are already filled, in total there will be 32 teams, see which teams are already guaranteed.

Chelsea (England) for being the champion of the Champions League 2020/2021. As well as Real Madrid (Spain) Champions League Champion 2021/2022.


Palmeiras (Brazil) champion of Libertadores of America 2021 and Flamengo, champion of Libertadores of America 2022.

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As well as, Al Hilal (Saudi Arabia) who was champion of the Asian Champions League 2021.

As well as, Al Ahly (Egypt) being the champion team of the African Champions League 2020/2021.

Wydad Casablanca (Morocco), being the champion team of the African Champions League 2021/2022. In addition to Monterrey (Mexico) which was the 2021 Concachampions champion team. And finally, Seattle Sounders (United States) also 2022 Concachampions champion.

These are the teams that have already secured a spot for the 2025 FIFA Club World Cup. In this way, the World Cup should have a lot of emotion, with great games and great teams in action.