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Messi shows his genius in the MLS. To think of Lionel Messi is to think of a great player, one of the greatest in soccer history.

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There is always that controversy about who was the greatest, Maradona or Messi. I believe that each one shone in their time, but what we are witnessing is something incredible.

What Lionel Messi is doing in his first MLS matches is out of the ordinary. Besides, what could you expect from a genius?

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The quality of the Argentine is impressive, big names have already been in the MLS, but none surpassed the Argentine.

Some might argue that it’s still early days, but what we’ve seen is out of this world. Be it in his dribbling, passing, handling the ball and what about his goals?

Messi takes free-kicks perfectly, scoring beautiful goals. Thus, the Argentine has been a technical leader for Inter Miami, which is expected of a genius.

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At the age of 36, Messi demonstrates that the effort to bring him was a great success. Lionel Messi, parade genius in MLS.

Messi has better numbers than when he started at Barcelona

First of all, practically all of Lionel Messi’s history was at Barcelona. Arriving at the club as a teenager, he grew to become one of the biggest.

Getting to win 7 gold balls as the best football player of the season. His biggest titles for a club were with Barcelona.

That’s how he was introduced to the world, that’s how he made his country’s national team. When he started his career at Barcelona, his first goal came in just the ninth game.

Which teams have already won the FIFA World Cup?

Already for PSG, Messi’s last club before his transfer to Inter Miami. Messi got his first goal in just the fourth game. While playing for Inter Miami, Lionel Messi has numbers that show his genius.

The Argentine managed to score 7 goals in just 4 matches, a devastating start. But to watch Lionel Messi is to see a genius on the field, without media and with a lot of football.

What the Argentine does on the field is worthy of applause, at least so far. Messi shows his genius in the MLS.

How is Inter Miami doing?

Despite an impressive start from Lionel Messi, Inter Miami are bottom of the MLS. Championship for which the Argentine has not yet played, for now, all the goals were for the Leagues Cup.

Messi helped Inter Miami beat Dallas in the Round of 16. However, what Inter Miami fans are waiting for is a good start in the MLS.

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After all, for the Leagues Cup where MLS teams play against Mexican League teams, it’s working. The arrival of the Argentine completely changed the performance of the team.

The team started to win games, which did not happen for 6 rounds. In addition to scoring more goals, there is no doubt about the performance and improvement of the team.

Now, it’s waiting for the MLS games to happen to see the results of the team, now with the genius Lionel Messi.