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The Champions League is the biggest championship between clubs in the world, and without a doubt the most exciting.

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Remember the biggest comebacks in the history of the Champions League, emotion is not lacking.

By counting on the best players in the world, the teams achieve remarkable comebacks. Games decided in the last few minutes. There is no game lost in the Champions League.

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Chelsea x Napoli 2011/2012

The Champions League has a small gallery of champions, few teams have managed to lift the trophy. And Chelsea and Napoli were seeking their place among the greatest in history.

In the first game of the round of 16, Napoli won 3-1 and progressed well. Chelsea saw the turn even further away with the departure of Técnico André Vilas Boas after the first match.

The arrival of Roberto Di Matteo did not seem to bring much hope of a comeback. With no time to work with the team for the second game, it all seemed so far away.

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But the unbelievable always happens in the Champions League, after Chelsea’s 3-1 victory in normal time. The crowd cheered at Stamford Bridge after Ivanovic’s goal in extra time. 4X1 and classification.

That’s why this game is one of the biggest comebacks in the history of the Champions League.

Ajax x Tottenham 2018/2019

At first, the Ajax team emerged with great strength after eliminating great favorites like Real Madrid. In this way, they arrived for the game against Tottenham as favorites.

Even more so after they won the first game by 1×0 in London, after that game the sports media took for granted that Ajax would win. But in Champions, the predictable doesn’t always happen.

A certain Lucas Moura came off the bench to change an unbelievable game. Ajax won the game by 2×0, but Lucas Moura scored three goals classifying Tottenham in an incredible way.

At the Johan Cruyff Arena, the public watched another memorable Champions League game. There are things that only happen in the Champions League, this game has gone down in history.


Liverpool x barcelona 2018/2019

Among the biggest games in the history of the Champions League is this match in the 2018/2019 season. In the first match, Barcelona built a 3×0 result with a show from Messi.

With their Arena full, the Reds had great support from the crowd to seek a 4×0 result. Thus, Liverpool’s unlikely classification took place in front of their fan.

Leaving thus, this game among the biggest upsets in the history of the Champions League. That’s why the Champions League is the most watched championship in the world, these games are extraordinary.

Barcelona x PSG 2016/2017

Playing in France, PSG won by 4×0 with a show by the Argentine Di Maria, in this way, everyone was confident in a classification. After all, reversing that score would be very difficult.

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The Barcelona team opened a 3-0 lead, so with just one more goal, they would be classified. But PSG scored their own goal, which forced Barcelona to win 6-1.

The biggest comebacks in Champions League history.

Something unbelievable, but in the Champions League anything is possible, so Neymar scored two goals and Sergi Roberto one more. The last two goals were made in stoppage time.

A historic game for Barcelona against PSG, in this way, this game is among the biggest comebacks in the history of the Champions League.

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