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Who is the oldest active soccer player? We know that the longevity of athletes is great, but all that? Know this story.

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The history of football is beautiful and seeing its development and professionalization is extraordinary. Over the years, football players have become athletes, in the best sense of the word.

The physical demand was becoming greater and greater, and the preparation more and more professional. Physicians and physical education teachers became specialists.

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So, like the physiotherapy part, and the structure of the soccer teams. Injuries that once ended player careers are now being treated.

All of this contributed to the longevity of professional players’ careers. However, one story went far beyond anything known. Find out who is the oldest active player in the world.

Find out where he’s from and where he’s currently playing. If you are surprised by this story, let’s get to the point.

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How old is a football player to retire?

First of all, we are talking about professional athletes. Of course, playing at a high level takes some conditioning. Which is very different from people who play football once a week.

No performance requirement, so we are thinking about professional athletes. Still, it is difficult to set a retirement age.

Since this age depends on many factors. Injury history is an important factor in determining retirement age. Some athletes have to stop earlier due to major injuries.

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Mainly in the knee and ankle, some athletes do not recover completely. Others stop ahead of time because they don’t take care of themselves, sleep badly, stay at parties.

This wears out the organism, requiring them to stop prematurely. However, an average among players determines that the retirement age is indeed 35 years.

On average, this is the age of most athletes when they retire from the field. But not the oldest active athlete.

Meet the world’s oldest active player

At first, medicine advanced a lot, with surgeries and treatments. This brought more uptime for high-performance athletes.

However, what Kazuyoshi Miura is doing is far beyond expectations. The Japanese athlete is 55 years old and is still active as a professional soccer player.

Kazuo, as he is known, was announced as an athlete for Oliveirense in the second division of Portugal. With 89 passages for the Japanese national team, Kazuo arrives and brings hope to the fans.

His announcement shows the team’s hope “The Legend Has Come” said the club on its social network.

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In addition to Portugal, the athlete played in Brazil for teams like Coritiba and Santos, and in Italy for Genoa. Furthermore, Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia is among the teams that Kazuo played for.

First, what stands out about Kazuo is getting a contract at the age of 55. However, the athlete with his experience of so many clubs, can help Oliveirense.

At least that’s what fans expect with the arrival of the oldest athlete in the world.

While Cristiano Ronaldo is 38 years old and Messi is 36. Kazuo turns 55 playing professional football in Portugal. Until what age will the Portuguese and Argentine playmakers still play?