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How did the Olympics begin? We know that the Olympic Games bring together many sports and athletes from all over the world.

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We can say that an Olympics is the apex of the athlete, everyone dreams of an Olympic medal.

Over the years, we have seen great athletes winning many medals. In addition, athletes train a lifetime, hoping for an index for the Olympic games.

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But, where does this celebration of world sport come from, when did it start? Who is responsible for this sporting event that has become an athlete’s dream?

Several sports are present in this event, many modalities involved. Learn more about the Olympic Games right now.

Where did the olympic games begin?

At first, we can say that, in order to know how the games started, we need to go back to ancient Greece.

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If we want to specify a little more, we must go to the city of Elis in the eighth century BC There was a whole context that connected it to Zeus.

In fact the games were in honor of Zeus. Known as the god of gods, being considered at first as a religious and athletic festival.

Thus, we can say that Greek mythology brought an important structure to the Olympic Games. The legend that Hercules created the Olympic Games to commemorate his victory over 4 kings who controlled Elis.

How were the games in this first moment?

First, when the Olympic Games were still in their infancy. There was only one sporting event, the stadium race.

The distance covered was 192 meters, winning this race was synonymous with athletic excellence. However, over time, other modalities were included.

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Thus, wrestling became part of the Olympics, as well as chariot racing. Something unusual happened at this first moment, the athletes practiced their activities, completely naked.

This was to demonstrate commitment and purity. Even in periods of war between Sparta and Athens, a truce occurred during the games.

In this way, the great sport party began to become something gigantic as it is today.

The birthplace of the Olympics

First of all, ancient Greece is indeed the birthplace of the Olympics. However, the games were very different from what we have today.

As already mentioned, the games had a connotation linked to Greek mythology. What we don’t see today, in the time we live in, we have much more the sports issue in focus.

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Another factor was the amount of sports at the Olympics. If today we have around 28 sports, in their cradle there was only one, running.


In addition, of course, to athletes practicing their activities naked. It was difficult to differentiate between professional and amateur athletes.

As well as, differentiating whether they were rich or poor, which strengthened the idea of fair play. In this way, we perceive that the Olympics begin with a very great purity, which we do not see today.

Today the Olympics take place with a variety of sports. Also, with many professionals involved. Athletes from many countries looking for the best results.