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Which teams have already won the FIFA World Cup? The FIFA World Cup is going through some changes, but who has already won it?

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Over time, the FIFA Club World Championship has undergone changes. And to those who say that now it will be even more difficult to win that title.

Previously, the World Cup was played only between the champions of the Libertadores and the Champions League.

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Later, other teams were added, such as the Concacaf champion. Thus increasing the number of games per dispute. However, with the change that will take place, the number of teams will be even greater.

Which makes the dispute even more fierce, which adds even more value to the championship. Get to know a little about the teams that have already won the world cup.

As well as about the history of what is one of the most important club championships in the world.

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History of the FIFA Club World Cup

First, there will be champion composition changes in some analyses. Since officially the Club World Championship began only in the year 2000. However, the so-called Intercontinental Cup that was played since 1960 was recognized as the Club World Championship.

That is, the intercontinental champions were recognized as world champions. The champions of the most important leagues in the world participate in the championship.

When we look at the history, we notice some changes in the format. At the beginning with two games between the Libertadores champion and the Champions League champion.

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Then, with only one game between these champions. Then, the addition of champions from Asia and other continents.

Anyway, despite many changes over time, the club world never lost its importance. Mainly for clubs that are not in Europe.

Some experts say that Europeans do not value the World Cup. It might even be, when they win it seems like it’s not that important. However, when they lose, the feeling of sadness is notorious.

With the vast majority of European team titles, the World Cup has a vast list of champions. Meet now.

Which teams have already won the FIFA World Cup?

First, we have Real Madrid, the biggest champion in the world with 8 titles. We cannot doubt the power of a team that has already won so many important titles.

Then we have two other European giants, Milan and Bayern Munich, both with 4 achievements. The size of Real Madrid’s superiority in competitions is striking.

The Spanish giant has twice as many titles as those in second place. In addition to these giants, we have other teams, now the South Americans appear.

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São Paulo, Boca Juniors and Peñarol, with Barcelona and Inter Milan, all with 3 victories. The list of teams with two conquests is long, Ajax, Corinthians and Juventus. They are together with Manchester United and Porto and Santos.

Finally, with an achievement the teams Atlético de Madrid, Borussia Dortmund and Red Star.

They share the position on the list with Estudiantes, Feyenoord, Flamengo, Grêmio, Internacional and Liverpool. In addition to them, we have, Olimpia, racing, River Plate and Vélez Sársfield and Chelsea.

Thus, we close the list of champions of the FIFA Club World Cup.