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Know the best exercise to increase the calf, many people have difficulty increasing this part of the body.

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A common difficulty for many athletes is to increase the leg muscles. It is common to have strong athletes with thin legs and no muscles.

This bothers athletes who want better aesthetics. And it seems strange, but many athletes do leg exercises, but they do not evolve.

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We understand that you need to do the right exercise to improve your performance.

Now, we are going to present you with the best options for leg exercises so that you can get great results. Work your calves correctly and get the best results in muscle development.

Discover now the best exercise to increase your calf.

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Why is the calf muscle important?

First of all, having a strong calf muscle is not just a cosmetic concern. The calf muscle is vitally important in balancing your body. In this way, he helps a lot in his walking and running.

A weak muscle in your calf will result in a higher number of mesons.

Like ankle sprains, common in people with weak muscles in the calf region. In addition, the strong muscles in the calf help athletes who need explosiveness and strength.

In sports like football and basketball, the calf muscles will define better performances. Therefore, you need to have a strong muscle in your calf. This will improve your balance and athletic performance.

Effective exercises to increase your calf

First of all, the best known exercise to increase the calf is the raise. That is, you stand up straight, with your feet hip-distance apart and raise your body.

Supporting your weight only on your calves, moving up and down your body. That way, all of your weight will be supported only on your calf.

Remove the heels from the ground and return them doing some repetitions of this movement. Despite being a well-known exercise, few people have the patience to work with it.

What were the first bodybuilding equipment like?

Believe me, if you want to get a good result in your calf muscles, do this exercise. Another way to work your calf muscles well is to use the LegPress, supporting the weight with your toes.

Playing the movement only for the calf muscle, do this repetition for several series and get good results.

Common mistakes for those who want to increase their calves

Many people even do the exercises to make their calves bigger. However, they make mistakes that cost the best results.

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A common mistake is not using the range of motion, that is, not stretching the muscle all the way. Some athletes try to cheat in movement, albeit unconsciously.


They do the exercise partially, so their results are impaired. Only with complete muscle amplitude will you get your best results.

Understand that the calf is made up of two muscles, not just one. Therefore, you should vary the exercises to work both muscles so that your results are better.

Finally, don’t give up, building muscle takes time, and the right technique.