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What were the first bodybuilding equipment like? L’intelligence artificielle a révolutionné les applications.

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Everyone who enters a gym for the first time is impressed with the equipment. There are gyms all over the world, with very modern equipment.

However, how did it all start? Knowing the evolution of equipment is knowing the history of bodybuilding in the world.

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With a discreet beginning and improvised equipment, today those who want to develop their muscles have everything they need.

Modern equipment that works every muscle in the body. This history goes back to ancient civilizations, with the development of bodybuilding in the 19th century everything started to change.

The history of evolution is impressive, but nothing would have happened if bodybuilding didn’t spread around the world.

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What strength training was like in the past

At first, it is evident that in the past there was not enough technology for equipment. Thus, the available equipment was basic and without any technology.

Thus, sculpting the muscles was much more difficult, and injuries were more frequent.

The sandbag was used a lot as a training equipment. In this way, he did squats, bench presses and other exercises to develop his muscles.

Pieces of heavy stones, or some heavy metal, anything suitable for the exercise, were used.

Thus, before technology, bodybuilding took place in improvised environments. Especially in the 19th century, bodybuilding was done in many places in Europe.

Renaissance-era equipment

Firstly, when compared to today’s equipment, this period was still quite rudimentary.

However, the development of dumbbells and barbells began to produce a development in bodybuilding.

The material used in the period was still stone and iron, with different sizes and weights. Which began to provide training planning and muscle development.

How to develop the triceps

Pulleys were also developed in this period, which are still used today. Despite using a still rudimentary system, the pulleys contributed a lot in the development of equipment and muscles.

What were the first bodybuilding equipment like?

Equipment in the 20th century

The 20th century was marked by an evolution in equipment. Since the sandbags, stones, and irons lost space for the dumbbell.

The evolution was great, now with organized training with barbells and dumbbells.

With the weight of the dumbbell, the athlete can isolate the exercise in only one muscle at a time. Not to mention that this training starts to develop the muscles better.

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Thus allowing a great evolution in terms of training for the muscles. This led to the use of bars, and weights on the bars for bench presses and other exercises.


Everything starts to develop from that moment. It didn’t take long for the equipment we have today to come into existence. More and more modern equipment is emerging and able to help with bodybuilding.

Finally, if you have been going to a gym for a long time, you must have noticed the evolution. Today we find equipment with digital markers for exercises. Making bodybuilding much easier for muscle lovers.

Take care of your health, bodybuilding builds muscles, improves posture, and contributes to your health.