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Did you know that it is currently possible to secure an extra income? That’s right, stay with us and learn how to make money watching videos!

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Social networks offer many options for you to earn extra money by performing very simple actions within the Apps.

One of the options disclosed is the option to earn money watching videos, with applications that allow you extra profits.

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Let’s help you guarantee that income by showing you the apps that teach you how to earn money watching videos.


The TikTok app gives users points for the time they spend watching content. Is also gives useres points for inviting and checking in to the app each day.

On the social network, rewards are higher for popular content creators who post their material on the platform.

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Points can be reversed in cash, being redeemed through coupons in stores, cinemas and restaurants or using to top up telephone operators, or even redeemed through cash, which can be carried out by bank transfer, PIX, PayPal or PagBank.


Another program that has the same benefits is Kwai. It offers a rewards program in which users earn virtual coins. You can earn coins by completing challenges and other demands of the application.

It is possible to redeem the virtual coins through bank transfer, PayPal, phone recharges and coupons for Ifood and fast food chains.

Make money

Make Money is an application that offers a range of tasks and missions for users to earn money.

These tasks include watching videos, completing surveys, testing games and apps, and participating in promotional activities.

To receive earnings from the Make Money application is very easy! You just need to withdraw it through PayPal or through vouchers in stores and online services.

Tv two

TV Two presents a wide selection of videos on the Youtube platform so that users can watch the videos and earn points for doing so.

The score can be enhanced through extra activities, such as answering surveys, testing apps and reaching levels in mobile games.

Points acquired in the app can be converted into Ethereum and transferred to a virtual wallet.



COS.TV is a video streaming platform where users earn coins by watching content.

The content is on various topics such as games, humor, tips, among others. The app has a YouTube-like playback interface and displays an accumulated score bar.

The COS.TV coin can be converted into Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether cryptocurrencies through a Binance account.


The Givvy platform is an app that offers rewards for watching promotional videos. In this case, it is necessary to monitor ads and advertisements that interrupt and are displayed during the playback of videos to collect virtual coins.

Virtual currencies can be redeemed as a gift card, donated to charity or transferred to a PayPal account.


Finally, we have Swagbucks. It is a website that offers different tasks for users to accumulate points on the platform.

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In addition to watching videos, you can complete surveys, shop online, try out games, and complete other activities to increase your score.

Swagbucks points can be redeemed as a gift card at online stores and services or via a PayPal transfer.


So.. Now that you know which are the best apps to earn extra money, go to App Store or Play Store! Download one of the apps and good luck!

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