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The pink wave has already started to invade the countries! Learn how to get a discount coupon for the Barbie movie.

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That’s right! The wait is over! Barbie’s premiere on the 20th of July is surrounded by many expectations and viewers want to surf the pink tsunami experienced by the doll.

Nothing better than watching this incredible movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling while saving a lot, right?

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We’ll teach you how to get discount coupons to watch the Barbie movie!

Discount coupon

Several sites offer discount coupons on tickets and combos, one of them is Meliuz, take advantage and redeem the coupon.

About the movie

The feature movie is giving the talk even before its road. That’s why: since its announcement, thousands of people in different countries are behind to guarantee their combos for the release, in addition to the tickets.

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However, if you are in doubt about how to get discounts for purchasing a ticket, we will teach you how to buy your ticket through the benefit of half price in movie theaters. Check with us right now what is needed to pay less when guaranteeing your entry to see this super movie!

Currently, there are movie theaters that offer half price for everyone on certain specific days. However, there are those who offer this benefit to certain people who meet certain requirements such as:

Meliuz discount coupon

Half-price for students: This benefit is available to people who study and have a student ID or card that is valid during the acquisition period.

Youth ID: Another option is for people aged 15 to 29 who meet the income requirements.

Half ticket for children: In some movie theaters chains, children up to a certain age may be entitled to special discounts.

Discount for seniors: Elderly people over the age of 60 can guarantee this half price benefit at most movie theaters.

Half-price PCD: People with disabilities can also enjoy half-price.

However, do not forget to bring a document that proves your right to benefits. Furthermore, there are movie theaters chains that have special partnerships with companies, in addition to credit cards that have the same benefit.


Another option is to acquire coupons on websites that offer offers discounts and cashbacks!

All these offers work very well in Brazil. If you live in another country, find out which offers might work for you!

It is possible to acquire these discounts in special events such as Black Friday, Consumer Week, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, store birthday campaigns, etc.


Visit the Meliuz website to see the discount coupons.

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Now that you know what the best options are to guarantee your discount to watch this incredible movie, just google it! With the variety of commercial dates, there is sure to be one that will suit your schedule and your interests.

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