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Meet Messi’s new team, find out which team was chosen by the Argentine star. Know how much your salary will be and much more.

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Many people believed that the star would return to Barcelona. However, Messi’s choice was very different, the Argentine chose a much lower league.

What many players do is choose a lower league when they are down. This is not the case of the Argentine star.

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Messi is still playing a lot of the ball, playing at a high level in the French league. However, the player chose Inter Miami to defend, something that surprised many.

Despite the growth, the MLS (United States Soccer League) is far inferior to the French championship. Which was already well below the Spanish league, learn more about Messi’s new team.

Inter Miami in bad shape in MLS

First of all, Messi arrives to save the Miami team, this is the hope of the fans. Inter Miami is currently bottom of the Eastern Conference.

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So, we understand that Messi will have a lot of work to do this season. However, the distance to enter the Playoffs is only 9 points. Thus, with 3 wins, the team can stick to the top.

Messi’s debut should take place in the League Cup, against Cruz Azul, on July 21. Does anyone doubt the Argentine’s ability to lift the team on the table?

Understand the evolution of soccer balls

Biggest winner of the best player award in the world, Messi has a lot of quality. In addition, the athlete takes care of himself, has few injuries in his career, and does not get involved in controversies.

Thus, Inter Miami made an excellent signing. Must have presented a very interesting career plan to the player. Since, other teams from larger football centers were interested in the player.

What is Messi’s salary at Inter Miami?

At first, MLS has attracted great players, this has increased the quality of the games. Names like Douglas Costa, who was in the Brazilian national team in 2018.

As well as Chicharito, who was at Real Madrid, and Insigne, who was at Napoli for many years, show quality. Today, those who follow MLS games know that they will find a good show.

In the past, other big names have passed through the MLS. Kaká is a good example, world champion with the Brazilian national team, he was in the MLS.

One of the attractions is the high salaries, but that’s not all, the good organization and good public are also attractive. However, what is Messi’s salary at Inter Miami?

This is still an unanswered question, at least for now. Since this value will soon be published by the MLS Players Association.

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As it happens every year, where it publishes the earnings of all athletes. However, if compared to what the athlete earned at PSG, it is estimated that the value will be high.

He is expected to earn more than 5 times the highest salary in MLS today. Messi’s estimated salary for the French club was US$ 43 million annually.

Inter Miami must pay something above this amount, which is well above all players on the team. And far above all MLS players, do you deserve it?

He certainly deserves it, having such an athlete in the league only enriches football in the United States.