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Losing your cell phone is quite frustrating, isn’t it? Whether it is because it was stolen, or when you lose it inside your own home. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a mobile tracking app? There really is!

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Some apps can be used to easily locate your lost device. The apps we listed are free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the App Store so that they can be installed on practically all smartphones.

Check out a list that we developed below that includes four apps to track your cell phone completely free of charge.

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So… Shall we check the apps?

Whistle Me

This app is perfect for forgetful people. The application makes the device emit a sound when the user whistles, that is, it is quite easy for the cell phone owner to find the device.

KidsControl GPS Family Tracker

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For those who have children, this app is ideal. It is perfect for those who want to have control over where their relatives are, such as their children, monitoring their path and sending notifications when the person arrives or leaves somewhere.

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So, as most people carry their cell phone with them at all times, there is no difficulty in finding the device and its relative.

One of the most interesting tools of this application is that it provides the user’s location history, which is very interesting in the case of people who get lost. With this tool, the tracer can follow a path.

Find My (iPhone) and Find My Device (Android)


With an app for iPhones and another for devices with an Android operating system, these apps help a lot in tracking a lost cell phone, making the owner discover its location in a few minutes.

In addition, it has a remote lock option, preventing access by unauthorized people who may be in possession of the devices, such as thieves.

On Android devices, with the “Find My Device” app, it is possible to track the cell phone, and the application works through the user’s Gmail email and allows him to find his cell phone, in addition to blocking and erasing smartphone data in case of theft or robbery.

This is excellent as it preserves the confidentiality of your personal data.


With this application, in addition to finding out where a person is, it is possible to share the location with multiple users, which is useful in families and groups of friends.

Mobile tracking app.

It also helps in cases where, for example, a friend gets lost at a party, amusement park or other celebrations.

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Now you have no more excuse to say you lost your cell phone. With these apps you no longer have to look for it so frantically.

To download the mobile tracking app mentioned above, go to Google Play Store or App Store.

Thank you and see you next time!