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Alex Ferguson and Arsène Wenger two legends. Alex Ferguson and Arsène Wenger two legends. Deservedly in the hall of fame.

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Having your work recognized is always rewarding. After all, it doesn’t always happen, but in this case it’s a happy story.

Both coaches made Premier League history, one won it undefeated, the other is the biggest winner. Admittedly two feats that deserve highlight and recognition.

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Alex Ferguson and Arsène Wenger two legends who have secured their name in history. Recall a little of the history that brought these two men into the hall of fame.

Two names for football history

Alex Ferguson with Manchester United put his name in history, being the biggest winner of the Premier League.

Arsène Wenger, on the other hand, achieved the feat of winning the Premier League with Arsenal undefeated.

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Thus, these two gentlemen marked time in their determined teams.

The league was created in 1992, and being part of the Hall of Fame is the highest honor anyone can receive.

Thus, having your name in the Hall of Fame is to mark your name in football history forever.

Alex Ferguson

Firstly, Alex Ferguson went down in history as a great coach. Managing to maintain a great level in your work and for a long period.

Thus, after 21 editions disputed by the Premier League, Alex managed an incredible 13 titles.

In addition to this extraordinary data, the coach managed, in this time, two third championships, being conquered one after the other.

Having stayed at Manchester United for 27 years, the manager arrived before the league was even created.

Football team with the most champions league titles

However, we can say that Alex Ferguson is one of the biggest names in the history of the club.

When the league was created in 1992/1993 the first edition was won by Ferguson ahead of Manchester United.

The highlight is even greater when we remember that the team faced a great lack of titles. That is, since 1967 Manchester United did not win the English Championship.

Alex Ferguson and Arsène Wenger two legends.

Arsène Wenger

Arsene’s Arsenal history is shorter than Ferguson’s, with just 3 League titles.

Certainly, in terms of number of titles, Ferguson has won more than Arsène. The coach stayed at Arsenal for a long time, having played 22 editions of the League.

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Thus, he arrived in mid-1996 having left only in 2018. Perhaps you are wondering, what made Arsène Wener enter the Premier League hall of fame if he has only 3 achievements?


Arsène was a great coach, despite having few achievements, however, what put him in the hall of fame was a special title.

With Thierry Anry in his team, Arsène managed to win the Premier League undefeated, no other team has managed to repeat the feat.

Even Ferguson with 13 titles, none was won without losing a game. With a certain rivalry relationship as coaches, Ferguson and Arsène were cordial.

Exchanging praise and recognition as they went to receive the honor. Without a doubt, Alex Ferguson and Arsène Wenger two football legends.