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At first, football has undergone many changes in recent years, especially in the physical preparation of athletes. See how technology helps football.

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Our life has been impacted by technology for a long time, and with each passing day, technology gains more space.

Now, how did this affect football, and in what ways is technology important to this evolution of the sport?

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This is the question we want to answer in this text, see how football has been transformed with the influence of technology.

Help for technicians

Today’s coaches are far more knowledgeable about what athletes produce on the field than coaches of decades ago.

Quickly, technicians can find out a lot of data about game statistics. Through photos and aerial images with the drones, technicians can know everything.

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In this way, their work tends to be facilitated, as long as they know how to analyze the data and improve what they need.

In other words, the tools make the technician’s job more efficient, being easier with technology.

The material for the players

First of all, there’s no denying that from the ball, to the athletes’ uniforms as well, the boots are much better today.

When it rained, the ball was very heavy, the boots and the uniform too, today everything is so technological that this doesn’t happen anymore.

The anatomical shape of the boots makes playing football easier. In addition, we have the condition of the lawns, which with technology, care has become much better.

Finally, the structure of the stadiums, today the big teams start to recover right after the games. Many have bathtubs in the changing rooms, in short, everything is much better.

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The broadcast today is much better

Above all, the evolution of the transmission of games is huge, with cameras everywhere, we can see the plays with better quality.

The video referee can correct mistakes that happen on the pitch through images. Not to mention the quality of the images is much better.

Thus, the technology went beyond the lawns, and reached football as a whole. You who watch the games know this very well.

Performance evaluation

Today, the lineup goes through a deep analysis of data, that is, how the athlete is training. What is his performance, what distance does he travel in games, what is his speed.


In this way, coaches can select the players who are performing the most in training.

At the end of the game, the coach knows how far the player has traveled during that game. Through a GPS that is attached to the player’s body, under the shirt.

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Analysis of opponents

With specific software, the coaches can analyze the opponents’ plays, they can know which side the opponent attacks more from. And many other details.

In addition, the software generates tables with all data from opposing teams.

How technology helps football.

There is no denying the size of the impact technology has on football. How does technology help football? In everything that happens, there is something that technology has helped.

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