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If we’re talking about one of the biggest sporting events in the world, capable of stopping the United States, we need to know. What is the super bowl?

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Defining the super bowl as the final of American football seems very simple if we think about the grandeur of the event.

Capable of mobilizing a large audience and actually stopping a country, the event is more than a simple final. Understand a little more in this text.

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Find out more about this event

At first, we are talking about the final of the American football championship that is organized by the NFL, that is, the National Football League.

The championship is annual, with a season that lasts a few months, from September to February at the most.

In all, there are 32 teams, which end up being divided into two conferences. Thus, there will be 16 games during the regular championship, from which the teams that will form the playoffs will emerge.

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Only 6 teams from each conference go to the playoffs, that is, the best 6 make the playoffs. Finally, we arrive at the Super Bowl, which is contested by the champion of each conference.

The event moves a lot of money, and the party is huge, worthy of one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

In the intervals some shows take place for the delight of the fans of the sport, and who performs are the great stars of American music.

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Artists like Snoop Dog, Eminem are common names in the presentations, this fact alone demonstrates how huge the event is.

Other great names in music have performed at the Super Bowl, such as Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga. In short, it is an event that draws attention for its grandeur.

American football championship final numbers

  • In 2015, the final was watched by 112 million people, a record without a doubt.
  • The figures generated by the event draw everyone’s attention, for a 30-second commercial, millions are paid. About $5.6 million for 30 seconds.

With such an audience, the values will always be absurd, thus, the biggest brands always dominate the sponsorships. Athletes earn high salaries, and sport makes a lot of money.

Americans know how to throw a good party, NBA games are wonderful parties. In this way, the sport ends up being more and more valued.


With a lot of organization and big events, with a lot of public following, there’s no way not to bring a lot of money to the sport.

Fun facts about the Super Bowl

At first, since the first football finals, they are listed using Roman numerals.

Thus, the list of finals was as follows:

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  • In 1967, in the city of Los Angeles.
  • In 1968, in the city of Miami.

Until in 2016, for some reason everything was different, the disclosure was done differently. “Super Bowl 50“.

At first, it was the only edition of the American football championship final that had this form of publicity.

What is the Super Bowl?

Finally, answering the question of what the Super Bowl is, it’s a big party for Americans. It’s one of the biggest sporting events in the world, it’s a fundraiser, it’s a success.


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