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Newcastle wants to sign Flamengo player

Newcastle wants to sign Flamengo player

England’s Newcastle offered €16 million (R$89.6 million) to expel Matheus França from Flamengo. Newcastle wants to sign Flamengo player. GE communicated on December 23 that the British had started negotiations with the red-black board, but that the offer had been formalized. We know that Rubro-Negro only intends to receive offers in excess of 20 million …


Facts about the World Cup

Although we are close to the next World Cup, which this year will be held in Qatar in November. Find out more facts about the world cup. Hosting the World Cup in November to escape the desert heat is not the only curiosity about this competition. Discover everything here. A World Cup with three venues …

What is the Super Bowl?

What is the Super Bowl?

If we’re talking about one of the biggest sporting events in the world, capable of stopping the United States, we need to know. What is the super bowl? Defining the super bowl as the final of American football seems very simple if we think about the grandeur of the event. Capable of mobilizing a large …


How technology helps football

At first, football has undergone many changes in recent years, especially in the physical preparation of athletes. See how technology helps football. Our life has been impacted by technology for a long time, and with each passing day, technology gains more space. Now, how did this affect football, and in what ways is technology important …

world cup stadiums

Check out the 2022 World Cup stadiums

All nations come together, during the World Cup period, to celebrate the good competition between nations. In this list, check out the 2022 world cup stadiums and get in the mood for the games! Firstly, let us say one thing: All the stadiums are beautiful, modern and well built. Khalifa International Stadium This is the …

highest salaries in football

Soccer’s highest salaries

The talent of soccer players impresses a lot of people, doesn’t it? The technique, agility and strength of these athletes are capable of surprising anyone who follows soccer matches. Now, we have a question a question: do you know which are the soccer’s highest salaries? You don’t?! So we tell you right now! We listed …