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The player Mbappé for sale at PSG, but it will not be easy to find someone who will pay the price. At least that’s what many think, this is not due to the player’s quality, but to the high price asked by PSG.

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The athlete has been PSG’s highlight for many seasons, and one of the big names in the French national team.

With his speed and dribbling skills, he has even outshone the likes of Neymar and Messi.

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Thus, some teams began to probe the athlete, who still has a contract with the French team. But those who want to buy will need to invest a lot, learn everything here.

Who is Mbappe?

At first glance, we can say that Kylian Sanmi Mbappé Lottin is one of the best strikers in the world. Born in France on December 20, 1998, the athlete’s main characteristics are dribbling and speed.

In this way, the athlete achieved prominence in French and world football. With several French championship titles, and prominence in competitions, the athlete gained space.

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But it was with the 2018 World Cup title that he put his name on the world stage.

Teams like Real Madrid, as well as Chlesea and Liverpool have probed the athlete. Being considered as possible destinations for the athlete after his departure from PSG.

However, taking the athlete out of the French team will be very expensive, his contract runs until the end of the 2023/2024 season.

There is a renewal clause until 2025, but what everything indicates is that it will not be exercised.

Thus, we see that Mbappé is a young striker, with numbers and football that fills your eyes. And with a contract still active with the PSG team. Mbappe for sale at PSG.

Mbappé is among the most expensive players in the world

First, we can say that buying the athlete will be very complicated, as it is among the most expensive in the world. That’s right, in the ranking of football players, his name is at the top.

See how complicated it will be to buy one of the world’s top football athletes.

Meet now the three most expensive athletes in the world. In third place is the player Bellingham the midfielder who is currently at Real Madrid costs around € 120 million.

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Already in second place is the striker who has been leaving his mark for being one of the best scorers of the moment. Haaland is worth €170m, the young striker is one of the best scorers in the world.

However, the most expensive player in the world is really Mbappé. His value is impressive, and whoever wants to count on the athlete will need to put his hand in his pocket.

Mbappé costs an incredible € 200 million, for less than that the PSG team is not very willing to negotiate. Mbappe for sale at PSG.

PSG can leave for free

Despite the asking price, the fear of the PSG team is that the athlete will leave for free at the end of the contract.

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The club’s effort is for the athlete to be negotiated for the asking price or as close as possible. Firstly, for the club to recover as much value as possible.


And then, for the team to be able to reinforce itself by hiring another player. Since the athlete warned the club that he will not exercise the renewal clause until 2025.

Mbappé for sale at PSG, and tension is in the air. Will anyone be able to invest €200 million to have this great striker?

Only time will tell, but it is true that the world surrenders to the talent of the young French striker.