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We are totally sure that many of our readers have the big dream of becoming a mother. Did we get it right? Did you know that there is an app that discovers what you will look like during pregnancy?

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That’s right!

Some of the most magical moments a woman experiences are during pregnancy. Everything becomes extra special, and you feel totally different. Most of them think it’s a magical moment, of connection with themselves and also with the baby.

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What is the app name?

The application is called Remini, and is capable of restoring old photos on your cell phone, running on Android and iPhone (iOS). Through an automatic process, the app leaves more refined strokes and reduces the common grain in older photographs.

Pregnant pictures!?

In addition to the features mentioned above, the Remini app can also, using artificial intelligence and the app’s internal mechanisms, take photos of a specific person and edit them to make that person look pregnant.

Quite interesting, isn’t it? You’ll look totally different.

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As this is the dream of many women, it can be very interesting to see yourself looking pregnant.

For many, it may be just a joke, considering that not all people want to go through the pregnancy process and become mothers.

Meanwhile, to some people, just by looking at the photos, emotions start to run high… The heart accelerates and emotion takes over all thoughts. It is completely uncontrollable.


Artificial intelligence, which is the mechanism used by the application to obtain results in photos, is increasingly common these days. Artificial Intelligence is a multidisciplinary field of study that covers several areas of knowledge. Although its development advanced more in computer science, its interdisciplinary approach involves contributions from diverse disciplines.


Now that you know that there is an app that discovers what you will look like during pregnancy, and which are the best apps to download to modify your photos, don’t waste any more time! Go straight to App Store or Play Store and download the apps!

You may experience a range of emotions while expecting… So it is nice to play a little bit beforehand.

Some people say you never understand life until it gorws inside of you… Well, at least you can play a little and get cute pictures while you wait for the perfect time to start trying to get pregnant. Doesn’t it sound exciting? Magical!

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