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Monitoring your home on your cell phone can give you a lot more peace of mind, but the thought of having to pay for security equipment can be intimidating.

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Fortunately, there are several ways to learn how to monitor your home for free from your cellphone, using technology you probably already have on hand.

We developed this post thinking especially about you, who are looking for security, ease and economy at the same time.

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Alfred Home Security Camera

This is already an old acquaintance for those who use their cell phones as a security camera at home.

The Alfred Home Security Camera allows you to use older devices as cameras to monitor environments.

Among its main functions are remote access, live video transmission, walkie-talkie (radio) and zoom feature, cloud storage, among others. For monthly subscribers, Alfred also features HD video recording.

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At Home Camera

Another very popular solution among residential surveillance apps is At Home Camera, whose main attraction is its compatibility with multiple platforms — Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.

It also differs from its competitors by working in two separate applications: one is responsible only as a camera, and the other serves to control monitoring.

More functions include multi-screen mode for up to four cameras at the same time, remote access, user face recognition and time lapse recording.

Extra features can be released for a fee, but the app itself and its main features are free.

IP Webcam

For those looking for a very simple alternative (and put it simply, see?), the IP Webcam is the ideal indication.

Without many frills, the platform turns your cell phone into a camera that can be controlled and accessed remotely, in addition to being compatible with live transmission, motion detection, audio and support for cloud services, including Dropbox.

Free GPS options to use on your cell phone without internet

The interface may not be the best, and the initial setup can also be slow during the first few minutes of using the app.

Other than that, IP Webcam is a tool that delivers what it promises in a basic but efficient way. So far, there is no version available for iOS.


TrackView works like a monitoring camera, but with a little more complete features.

The app comes with real-time location via GPS, remote capture of two-way audio and video, motion detection, compatibility with older devices (operating on a 2G network, for example) and night vision mode to help you see in the dark .

It can also be integrated with Gmail and cloud services to save recordings.

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Of course, not all of this is available in the free version. Most features are only accessible in paid modes. However, the no-cost model alone is worth it.


Now that you know the best apps, go straight to  Google Play Store or App Store and download one of the apps!

We hope you have enjoyed our app on how to monitor your home for free from your cellphone, and we hope you will visit our website more often.

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