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Who were the first UFC champions? And UFC is the main mixed martial arts championship, with specialists in several modalities.

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What is the most powerful martial art? This question came up a long time ago, so to find out, it was enough to put everyone to fight.

Thus, the main fighting championship in the world was born, a show of its own. Being one of the audience champions when it comes to martial art, the UFC draws the world’s attention.

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However, how was the beginning of the UFC, and who were the first champions? Over the years, many names gained prominence at the event, with titles and unforgettable fights.

What calls attention is that we cannot say that fighters with just one specialty always stand out.

The most complete fighters were the ones who held the belt the longest. Get to know a bit of UFC history and see who the first UFC champions were right now.

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How did the UFC start?

First of all, anyone who sees the UFC today with all the media and millionaire prizes cannot imagine how it started. In 1993, in November, two men had the brilliant idea of setting up this championship.

We can say that Art Davie and Rorion Gracie started a martial arts revolution. Even without knowing what the future would become, the UFC was being created.

At first, the idea was just to answer the question of which martial art was most effective. The way to answer that, they thought, was to put fighters in combat.

Regardless of the martial art practiced, that way they would know which will be the most effective. Thus, the UFC was born, with some differences from what you see today.

Get to know a little about how the rules were at the beginning of the UFC in 1993.

How were the UFC rules in the beginning?

At first, we can say that in the beginning, rules were not what existed in the UFC. At least, when compared to those that exist today, there weren’t many prohibitions.

First of all, the prohibitions were biting and putting a finger in the opponent’s eye. This made the fights become much more violent than the ones we see today.

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Fighters weren’t ranked by their weight, so we had heavy fighters against lighter fighters. Another factor is that there were no rounds, or time limits.

That way, the fights lasted until one of the fighters couldn’t stand it anymore. Without judges or scores, the fights were long and tiring for the athletes, who went to the limit of exhaustion.

Thus, the fight ended by submission or knockout. Thus, we perceive the evolution of the sport over time. But who were the first UFC champions?

Who were the first UFC champions?

Finally, who were the winners of the first UFC editions? This is the question that will now be answered. With all these differences in the rules, did the heavier ones always win?

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Or was there any martial art that stood out at the event?


We can say that Royce Gracie is the biggest name in the UFC, especially when we talk about the first editions of the event.

Being champion of the first and second edition, and after the fourth edition of the event. With Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the athlete beat his opponents by submission.

So the champion of UFC 3 was police officer Steve Jennum, all 4 events were held in 1994.