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Curious Sports in the World some sports seem curious when analyzed in other cultures. However, some sports can be alien in any culture.

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Due to the way it is practiced, or its unusual rules. Today you are going to meet some sports that are little practiced, so they are not popular.

But it has a group that gets together to practice these sports. Like every sport they have rules, and some even organized championships.

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Anyway, without further ado, see now the most curious sports in the world.


At first, explaining Korfball is not a difficult task, after all, just imagine the baton. However, the basket has no backboard, and players cannot bounce the ball.

Also, physical contact is prohibited, so no fouls to stop the pitches. This is a sport created in Holland, a physical education teacher was responsible.

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His interest was in encouraging cooperation between students as well as strategizing while playing. As teams are made up of both men and women, korfball is fully inclusive.

Then, the player receiving the ball cannot run or walk with it, he must throw it or pass it to a teammate.

Men mark men and women mark women, thus avoiding any advantage. The duration of a match is one hour, the match is won by the team that scores the most points.

Polish Dragon Boat Racing

First, if you’re familiar with the game known as tug of war, you’ll know how this game works.

Maybe you’re thinking, what’s curious about a tug of war?

After all, we are talking about the most curious sports in the world.

This is an adapted tug of war, created by a Pole, this is a tug of war made on boats.

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That’s right, the two teams row in opposite directions trying to take the opposing boat. Practice sport, and take good care of your physical and mental health.

In this way, the boat that crosses the demarcation “line” loses. Curious Sports in the World.

Created in 2015, the game attracted many participants after going viral on the internet. The fact is that the participants must have a lot of arm strength to win the dispute.


The Fierljeppen is very reminiscent of the sport known as pole vaulting, this is a reality, after all, it gave rise to the sport.

The sport has its origins in Friesland, in the Netherlands, where there are many flooded places.

Thus, trying to avoid walking many kilometers to surround the flooded areas, the population used wooden sticks.

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In this way, with wooden poles, people jumped over flooded areas and channels, achieving faster locomotion.


The word Fierljeppen literally means “jumping far”, thus the sport consists of the following.

People need to jump a 12-metre channel, the one who lands as far from the bank as possible wins. So they run, and climb the pole to get the perfect jump.

In this way, we realized that there are many different sports around the world. Some are based on already known sports, others were used to create sports we know.