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Who is the greatest surfing champion? Surfing is a sport that is growing and gaining more and more space. Brazilians are emerging as a force in sport.

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But it wasn’t always like that, we have other very relevant names who dominated the sport for years. Season after season the same names were always appearing at the top.

Today you will learn a little about the history of surfing, and more than that, about the big names.

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Find out who the greatest surfing champion in history is and the big names in the sport. Without further ado, let’s find out a little more about this sport that is only growing around the world.

Duque Kahanamoku

Little known to many people who follow surfing these days, Duke Kahanamoku is very important.

This Hawaiian born in 1890 went on to win 5 Olympic medals, 3 of which were gold. His name is immortalized in surfing not only for his titles, but for the popularization of the sport.

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Whether in California, Australia, Tahiti and even Europe, surfing has grown a lot because of Duke Kahanamoku.

Today surfers reap the fruits planted by this man, whether through exhibitions or demonstrations he spread the sport.

There’s no way to talk about surfing and not remember this man. World surfing owes a lot to him, so we have champions spread across many continents.

The popularization of the sport greatly helped its growth and worldwide support. In addition, of course, it opens different doors for men and women to surf and discover the world.

Kelly Slater’s dominance

First and foremost, when it comes to the greatest surfing champion of all time, Kelly Slater is the name.

There are 11 titles from the biggest surfing championship in the world, there is no way to compare them. What draws attention is not just the number of titles, but the ability to reinvent itself.

No one stays at the top for so long without having the ability to reinvent themselves. Many athletes with great potential emerged during this time.

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But none at the height of Kelly Slater, this athlete innovated the sport with his competitive drive. With its always new and impressive maneuvers.

His strategic thinking and refined technique have always attracted attention. Even when facing younger, stronger athletes, Slater knew how to win.

Her charisma brought the sport even more popular. Encouraging young people around the world to surf, this is the biggest of all time. However, other names are relevant in sport, meet other impressive athletes.

Layne Beachley’s success

Finally, while in men’s surfing Kelly Slater is the name, in women’s surfing we have the champion. The big name in women’s surfing is Layne Beachley, with 7 titles.

In this way, surfing became popular among women, encouraging other women to take up the sport.

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Overcoming gender barriers in a sport previously dominated by men, the athlete deserves to be highlighted.

In addition to her prominence in sport, the fight for the environment marked her life. The athlete plays a great role in the fight for sustainability, uniting sport and her personal cause.

Thus, with a lot of quality and technique in surfing, and social awareness, Layne Beachley marked his name in history.

Whether because of her importance in opening doors for women in sport, or because of her fight for sustainability.