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Discover some curiosities about karate, learn more about this Japanese martial art, learn its charms. Great martial art to defend yourself.

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At first, we can say that karate is a martial art that is well known all over the world. Excellent for those who want to work the body and mind.

Thus, many adults are looking to learn this martial art.

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We live very difficult days, with many cases of exaggerated anxiety. Even depression, or panic syndrome, karate has the power to help control the mind.

Being a sport that requires discipline, practitioners learn to reduce anxiety. Since this is essential for fights, don’t waste any more time. Get to know some curiosities about karate right now.

Practice sport, your life will be much better.

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Karate has a strong connection with China

First of all, as everyone knows, karate was not invented in China. But in Okinawa, which is an archipelago belonging to Japan.

But why do we say that the sport has a relationship with China? At first, the martial art was inspired by a Chinese fight.

At least so experts and scholars of history believe. The word karate has an interesting meaning, “empty hands”, which refers to the Chinese dynasty.

Karate is known as an art and not just a fight. Despite being more of a defensive modality, with kicks, elbows, blows with open hands.

Everything is done with a certain synchronicity and skill, so it’s not just a fight, but a beautiful art to learn and even observe.

Is there only one form of karate?

First of all, karate is a multi-modal martial art. Depending on the objective in which it is being practiced. Kumite, which means meeting hands, is more related to competition.

The Kata, however, the emphasis is different, and can be seen as something deeper. In Kata, students learn defensive techniques as well as offensive ones.

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In addition, psychological elements are worked on in each of the apprenticeships. Leaving the practitioner even more prepared for real combat.

Finally, Fukugo is a union of the two previous modalities, aiming at balance. Thus, the karate practitioner can learn a lot, whether in attack, defense, and psychological and philosophical principles.

Know the benefits of practicing karate

Anyway, practicing karate will bring you several benefits. For children it can be a way to calm them down. Also, expending their energy which is always so intense, and getting them out of fights.

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After all, those who practice karate cannot fight in the street. Added to these factors, the child will still learn to defend himself.


Psychological principles help children and adults to live better in the face of daily challenges. For adults, karate will be a way to stay in shape, in addition to self-defense.

When we talk about self defense, for women especially, it will be great to learn karate. Finally, sport helps anyone, at any age. Even adults will be able to learn karate.

Don’t waste any more time, look for a place to learn this very special martial art.