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Hello! Did you know that you can try clothes online on your cellphone? That’s right!

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This can be done through reality technology, which is currently used in filters on Instagram, 3D models on Google and even in games, such as Pokemon GO.

There are a variety of specialized applications and brands that adopt the technology for products in the catalog, providing a different experience for consumers.

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Grailify is the ideal app for anyone who likes to keep up with the latest in the sneakers industry. The application has a news tab, rumors and a launch calendar for models from the most popular brands in the segment.

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In addition to finding news, the app can also be used to try on some of these models on your feet. With the augmented reality feature, just point the camera at your feet and check the result with the 3D model. The application has more than 70 different pairs and allows you to take pictures of the results.


One of the most popular brands in the world, Gucci is also present on mobile phones with its own application. If you dream of using one of the brand’s items, you can at least test them on your body with augmented reality.

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The augmented reality area of the Gucci app lets you try on hats, lipsticks, nail polish, sunglasses and pairs of sneakers. Just select the “Try On” option and choose from the different categories. It is possible to photograph the result and still receive a shortcut to the platform’s online store.

The functionalities of the Gucci application are not limited to the use of augmented reality. There are areas to check out recent fashion shows, access themed games and even listen to podcasts promoted by the brand, all in English.

Wanna watch

The company Wanna specializes in augmented reality solutions for fashion items. In addition to making Wanna Kicks (Android | iOS) available, aimed at testing sneakers models in a format similar to Grailify, it also makes available the Wanna Watch application, to try watches with your cellphone camera.

With the app, just point the camera at your wrist and choose from the available models. The catalog includes watches from popular brands such as IWC, Rolex and Nixon. The tool allows you to take pictures with the item and makes items available for quick sharing on social networks.


When tapping on a model, the application displays a page with details about the design and provides a shortcut to buy it in the official store. But it’s important to prepare your pocket: some watches are offered for US$ 18,000.


DressX is a startup with a different approach to clothing consumption: the company works like a clothing store, but only creates digital pieces. That is, you can try on models made by stylists from all over the world, buy them in the store, but you will never receive the item at home. Instead, the company adds the purchased clothing to a photo.

Through the application, you can test the pieces with the augmented reality tool. If you like the result, add it to your cart and send a photo of your choice. Within a day, the company sends back the same image, this time with the digital clothing included. The DressX catalog has pieces with values between US$ 21 and US$ 1,400.

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The app is free to install, but has a paid version with unlimited access to the models. It has weekly, monthly and annual plans, with prices starting at US$ 2.99 per week.


Now that you know how to try clothes online on your cell phone, don’t waste any more time! Go straight to Google Play Store or App Store and choose which best suits your needs. The experience can be a lot of fun!

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