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That’s right, now you can track your flights in the palm of your hand! For this, we have prepared this incredible article for you to Learn how to track flight and plane by cellphone. Stay tuned!

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We know that due to our hectic routine, each time is worth gold. For this, you can now track flights and planes on your cellphone, facilitating your travel arrangements.

Now, tracking the arrival of flights is no longer a unique and exclusive tool for airport operators.

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Currently, due to the advancement of technology, several applications have emerged to track planes and see flight schedules.

This function is very useful for you if you have a flight booked or are waiting for someone to arrive at the airport, allowing you to access information quickly, being able to observe in real time, where a plane is, where it is going and how long it takes.

So, we have prepared for you a selection of the five best apps to track flights and planes directly on your cellphone.

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In front of several applications of the genre available for smartphones and tablets, Flightradar24 presents several options, being one of the most complete apps of the moment

It allows you to track flights in real time around the world, either by searching by flight number or locating on the map, in addition to checking detailed information about the aircraft.

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For those wanting technical information, there is a tool within the app that lets you add weather and even aeronautical tracks.

Finally, Flightradar24 offers an amazing option! If you see a plane in the sky and are curious to know which direction it is heading, just point your cellphone’s camera at the aircraft and it will pass on all the information within moments.


InfoAero is an innovative tool that makes it possible to consult information on several flights at all Brazilian airports.

This amazing application has a simple and easy-to-understand interface, providing information about arrivals and departures at all airports, as well as important details, such as situation, scales, terminal and boarding and disembarking gates, directly in the palm of your hand.

In addition to general information, it is also possible to refine the search even further, making it easier to search for specific flights.

Flight Tracker

Flight Tracker is an easy-to-use application, as well as extremely useful, displaying information about flights from all over the world.

There are several details provided by the application such as airports, airlines as well as terminals and departure and arrival gates.

In addition to these options, there are other functions such as information about flight delays, the possibility of adding your virtual boarding pass, information about the weather at your destination and sharing information about your flight via social networks or messengers.



Completely free, FlightAware is another amazing app for tracking information about flights and aircraft around the world!

It makes it possible to follow specific flights, from the location of origin or destination, or even find aircraft moving nearby.

In addition to such options, it is possible to check routes, delays and arrival time information.

Flight Status

Finally, we also have the Flight Status app.

From your location, it immediately displays the arrival and departure times of flights at the nearest airport, as well as departure times, boarding gate and flight status.

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Another very useful resource for travelers is the indication of the conveyor belt number where the luggage will be taken out. That allows you to save time on the move directly to the exact spot, without having to stop to ask for directions.


Now that you know how to track flight and plane by cellphone, Go straight to Google Play Store or App Store and choose which best suits your needs.

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