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That’s right! Now it is possible to take your favorite trips without spending any money on car rental! Sounds amazing, right? We totally agree.

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Stay with us and find out how to rent a car for free online.

Have you ever imagined traveling to your favorite places without even paying any money for it? Well, now it is possible to rent any car without paying money for it.

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To take advantage of this benefit, it’s simple, go to your browser and search for Transfercar, an incredible application that offers the best rental services and free car availability.

The app offers a 100% free service, due to the need to take your vehicles to other cities all the time, due to the need for long holidays, carnaval, etc.

These cars are traditionally transported by trailers, which are costly and time-consuming for rental companies, so Transfercar comes into action.

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In other words, Transfercar releases its cars for FREE, all you need to do is reserve your favorite car on the company’s website.

Within the app, you will be able to check the available car options and the days on which that vehicle will be free, making it easier to plan your trip to anywhere in the country.

For example: you are in Salvador, Brazil and want to go to Porto Seguro, Brazil. Just do the search and consult the options available. Then choose how many days you would like to travel. Pretty simple, right?

Transfercar currently offers vehicle transport services to around 120 rental companies in Brazil and abroad. Among them are well-known companies here in Brazil such as Localiza, Movida, Unidas, etc.

In practice, this means that you have a wide variety of options when using a Transfercar car.

In addition, you also have high quality cars, in excellent condition and that help you be more comfortable on your dream trip.

But there is one detail: the rental is free except tolls and gasoline. Transfercar only offers free availability of its cars, not covering the other costs of the trip.

If no offer comes in on the searched date, the user can set up an alert to be notified when a new relocation appears for the desired destination.

Also, don’t forget that the trip is only one-way! Enter the app, select the pick-up location and delivery location.

The application is a great option for you who want to travel anywhere in Brazil without paying any amount to rent your favorite car.

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So… Now that you’ve learned how to rent a car for free online, go to Google Play Store or App store and try out!

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