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Have you ever imagined traveling using one of the best free and updated GPS at the moment? That’s right! Stay with us and discover free GPS app with updated maps.

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Currently, it is more than necessary to use specialized map technologies, such as GPS. It guarantees faster arrival at your destinations.

That said, the maps available on your cell phone are not always an ideal alternative for all types of use.

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If you are passionate about traveling or make life on the road your bread and butter, we have prepared an incredible list of the main apps that provide up-to-date maps. They are totally worth testing to improve your needs.

Here WeGo

Here WeGo is available for Android and IOS and offers several features such as offline maps, route information for car, bicycle, public transport or walking, navigation with step-by-step instructions, among other incredible options.

Depending on the city, the application offers you indication of the maximum speed allowed on public roads, taxi booking, identification of parking lots close to the destination and real-time traffic information.

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The application is 100% free and stands out for its settings and navigation options. An incredible alternative.


As one of the main solutions for dealing with traffic, Waze has maintained its essence since its acquisition by Google. The app also offers a sense of community, with active participation from users to report problems throughout the journey.

The application provides several fun avatars, as well as an incredible look that promises to transform your daily routes into a great video game, with the difference being that the objective is for everyone to help each other at the end of the day.

The application is preferred by users due to its less polluted appearance, focusing on important information such as the speed limit, problems on the route, gas stations and parking locations.


While Waze wins the scene due to its simple look, Sygic has a completely different interface. The application does not hide its origins in old dedicated GPS devices, with a look full of information.

The application provides some free resources, but the option to purchase several advanced features such as augmented reality guidance, which projects the route based on information from the cellphone camera, fuel prices, lane assistant and voice navigation, among other incredible information.

TomTom GO

TomTom is traditionally known in the market for dedicated GPS devices, the company has brought its experience in the sector and its database to cell phones in different applications.

His bet was on the creation of TomTom GO, an application specialized in traffic routes, offering features such as maps and offline routes, as well as traffic alerts and radars.

The application takes advantage of the existing resources on your cell phone to update traffic information in real time, in addition to recalculating routes and estimated arrival times at any time, among other traditional GPS functions such as lane guidance.

Google Maps

Finally, we have Google Maps, an application that needs no comments. It is one of the main apps that most of the time are already installed on smartphones.

The app provides several incredible features that promise to make your travel experience even faster and more effective.

Google Maps stands out for being a leader in providing a collection of Street View visual information, which can be used to consult reference points on defined routes.

All these incredible apps are very successful because of their incredible usefulness, making them a necessary tool to ensure that your trip is quick and safe.

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Now that you’ve discovered the free GPS app with updated maps, go to Google Play Store or App store and try out for yourself!

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