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Disney movies have always been a part of many people’s lives. How to Watch Disney Plus for Free Using your Cellphone.

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That is because their stories and the quality of such animated movies won the heart of children and adults.

Taking into account the history of such a huge industry from its beginning to the empire they have created, it is something really impressive.

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Consequently, with all of this advanced technology, Disney movies became even more attractive to people.

As a result, other movie companies started working together with Disney and they gathered all in one place.

I am talking about Disney Plus, the streaming platform that features Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic programs.

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You can have access to Disney Plus both on your cellphone and computer and it is a very simple to use app.

However, at first glance, you have to subscribe in order to have access to it.

The thing is that sometimes we don’t have enough money to subscribe to such streaming services and that is why this post is going to be very useful.

Did you know it is possible to watch Disney Plus paying less or even for free for more than just a month?

Read until the end to know more about how to watch Disney Plus for Free using your cellphone.

Mercado Livre

Mercado Livre is a shopping and selling website and app in which you can find many products.

By using this app, you earn points, specially if you sell products and is a very reliable user.

The brand has a partnership with Disney Plus and it is possible to get free months just by selling and buying products.

In other words, the more points you have as a user, the better the chance to get free months on Disney Plus.

It is a great possibility of watching the streaming programs available in the app without paying for it.

Bradesco + Disney Plus

Bradesco is a well-known Bank that is always innovating for its clients.

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The bank’s new partnership is with Disney Plus and you can win up to 6 months free of subscription.

In order to have get this “gift”, you have to own a card the bank provides.

There are many card flags and types and some give you more or less months to enjoy the app.


If you get a debit card, you get 1 month free, however, if you get credit cards, you can get more months.

The subscription will be your card annual fee, so it won’t cost more money for you.

So, if you already are a client in this bank, it is worth getting to know more about it in their app or website.

Globo Play + Disney Plus

This option is not completely free, but it is a great chance to save some money and have two subscriptions at once.

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How to Watch Disney Plus for Free

That is because Globo Play has a combo option in which you can subscribe for it and get Disney Plus for a very small difference.

So, if you already subscribe for Globo Play, you can just change your subscription to add Disney Plus.

If you didn’t know about this option, do it now and have both to enjoy as much as you can.

The app offers a one-month free trial.


If you liked these possibilities, don’t waste time and download them on your App Store.

This way you will have access to hundreds of programs for free or paying little money.