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Choosing the best app to watch football can be a daunting task for sports fans.

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Applications to watch football are increasingly complete, allowing you to watch live games from the most varied tournaments, from different countries.

Now it’s much easier and more accessible to keep up with your favorite team, the apps in addition to working on cell phones and tablets, they can also be used on smart TVs, bringing a more comfortable option.

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Better than the ease of access to these games, you can watch Copa Libertadores, Copa do Brasil, Campeonato Brasileiro, State Championships, Champions League, tournaments between national teams and several European championships completely free of charge.              

With that, we’ve separated the best free apps to keep up with your team’s best moments!


Onefootball is one of the most popular apps among football lovers. is a news and results app about the main football leagues in the world.

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The Bundesliga matches are the main attraction of the OneFootball streaming platform are the main attraction of the OneFootball streaming platform. And the best thing is that you don’t have to pay to watch the games in the app, all broadcasts are free and the user can still follow the latest news from the world of football.

Just access the app and search for the list of available games.

Available for Android and IOS

Eleven Sports

If you like watching women’s football, youth games and lower division matches, eleven sports is perfect for you!

It also shows State games, Copa do Brasil Sub-17 and Sub-20, several international championships and even futsal.

The user can watch the best moments of the duels that have already ended, in case he was not able to see it live. Available for Android and IOS


The ESPN channel app brings together news, alarms and WatchESPN, with live streaming of the broadcaster’s content.

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You can follow championship matches in England, Spain and the United States, as well as sports such as basketball and American football. Access to live content depends on the subscription of channels according to the television operator.

Available for Android and IOS


DAZN was one of the first streaming services created exclusively focused on sport, it offers subscribers the broadcast of the Brasileirão Serie C and the Premier League, the first division of the English league, including live matches and on-demand content. in addition to Formula Indy, NBB, track and field and snooker races.


In the first month, the subscriber has all the benefits for free.

Available for Android and IOS.

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TNT Sports Stadium

the TNT Sports Stadium app has in its catalog several championships shown live. The main highlight is the Champions League, with live transmission of all games, but the service also has some matches from the Brasileirão, Nations League, Italian Championship and Cup Qualifiers.

The subscriber is entitled to a free month before starting to pay the monthly fee, and it is the cheapest platform among the paid ones.

Watch free football on mobile.

Now you have a completely free option to watch live games from some of Europe’s most important leagues on your tablet or smartphone.


What is the best app in your opinion? The mentioned apps are free and available for downloads through Google play store and app store.