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Change is necessary. But cutting or  dyeing hair may not be a very easy task, especially when we don’t have the right cut in mind, which suits the shape of our face, with our body structure. Haircut Simulator: 7 best apps.

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With that in mind, cutting simulator apps appear to facilitate this process, and simply and quickly test different hairs before going to the hairdresser.

We’ve separated the best sites and apps for you to try, Check it out!

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In Hairfinder, you will have the choice of hair types to be inspired by, short hairstyles, long hairstyles, options for both men and women.

After you see which hairstyle you like best, you can test the different options with your own photos or with the photos of models that the site offers.

The site offers several types of models, where you can choose the ones that have the traits most similar to yours. It’s super fun!

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Beauty simulator- Village woman

Vila Mulher offers an online haircut simulator, it´s a great option for those looking for new cuts.

It´s possible to do tests with photos of you, preferably with your face clearly visible and hair tied up so that you can help in the recognition of your face.

The site is easy to use, and contains several instructions that will help you change the look.

Virtual Hairstyler

Virtual Hairstyler is the perfect choice for those who like to have many options when choosing a cut, it offers more than 12000 variations of cuts.

You can choose a photo of yourself to test and even know how the hairstyle of celebrities would look on you, there are several celebrities available for testing.

Mary Kay Virtual makeover

Mary Kay has created an excellent app to help women who are always indecisive when it comes to getting a new haircut.

The Best Pregnancy Tracker Apps

There are several options for hair, colors and styles for you to test and see which suits you best, with a photo taken on the spot or one that already exists in the gallery.

Style My Hair – L’Oréal

It’s an application that uses 3D technology to find out which cut suits you best, cut options, size and style are a must to help you choose the new look, in addition to having the option of being able to share the results with your friends so that they give their opinion

Teste o Penteado – Penteados e Cortes

With this Application available for Android and IOS, you will be able to have different types of hair and hairstyles in the palm of your hand to choose which one best suits your style.

Let your imagination run wild and try out all possible hairstyles!



In this app you can test the long and short cut styles in the free version, to get a basic idea of ​​how it would look on you.

In the paid version, you can already see more colors and sizes.

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After all this app selection, you can’t be afraid to change the look.

Dive right in, try it, without fear of taking risks, but most of all, feel good!

Haircut Simulator.


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