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When it comes to our health, we have to be very careful and pay much attention. The Best app to Check your Blood Sugar Levels.

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There are certain diseases that are silent and don’t show any symptoms, that is why we should always do check-ups.

Nothing replaces going to the doctor and doing exams, but with the advance of technology, any reliable help is welcome.

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That is why, in this post, we will talk about an app that will be very useful and helpful.

We are talking about Glucose Buddy, which is an app designed for people who suffer from high blood sugar levels.

It aims to help users to measure and keep track of their blood sugar levels and also tips for having a healthier lifestyle.

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What is Blood Sugar also known as Glucose?

Blood Sugar or Glucose is the main sugar present in the human body.

It comes from food and is the main source of energy for your body to function.

The blood carries the sugar extracted from the food throughout your body, this way, every part and organ has energy to work.

When sugar levels in your blood are too high, your body has trouble breaking this sugar particles and serious problems start to happen.

One of the main diseases caused by high blood sugar levels in your blood is diabetes, which can lead to organ damage among other harms.

For such reasons, keeping track of your blood sugar levels is essential.

Now that you know more about blood sugar levels and its consequences, we will show you how to use Glucose Buddy.

This way, you will never lose track of it and will have one more ally besides your doctor.

How to use Glucose Buddy

As mentioned above, Glucose Buddy is an app that helps people keep track of their glucose levels.

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Some of its features are:

Blood glucose diary

Medication tracking

Food log

Blood glucose check reminder

Physical activity log

Considering this wide range of features, you can even pare Glucose Buddy with your glucose meter, depending on its compatibility.

You can also enter your measurements in the app manually, and it will organize your numbers daily.

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In addition, you can create a workout plan by adding your exercise information, as well as your food habits.

Such information can also be linked and transferred from apps such as apple health or any other you have in your cellphone.

Another great feature is the IQ section, which allows you to take photos of your meals.

By doing so, the app will link the photos with your glucose measurements to help you make better nutritional choices.


Finally, this great app is available for both Android and iOS and you can find it in any of these app stores.

Don’t waste any more time and get healthier today. The Best app to Check your Blood Sugar Levels