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It is amazing how good music can be for a person. Whether playing a musical instrument or listening to a song they like… Everyone can feel good about being connected to music, app to listen to free gospel music.

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If you are a lover of gospel music, you know that there is no time or place to listen to good music.

Did you know that there are some app to listen to free gospel music without internet? That’s right!

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Even without having an internet connection on your smartphone, you can hear your praises wherever and whenever you want!

Check out which apps you can listen to free gospel music without internet with the following list:


Firstly, there is Spotify, that one of the most popular music streaming services in the world, can be an excellent choice for you who want to listen to gospel music or any other kind of music.

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It has an immense variety of genres and music, pleasing all audiences.


Secondly, there is Amazon Prime Music on our list. If you already subscribe to Amazon Prime, you can access Amazon’s entry-level music streaming service.

It has 2 million songs for free, no ads and works great with the Alexa device. If you have that possibility, take advantage of great this opportunity.


Deezer is very simple to use, it has lots of music choices and it is a great choice for anyone looking beyond just music, because of its podcasts.

On Deezer you can enjoy your own set of smart playlists with recommendations made just for you.

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Deezer Free is powered by ads. As this is its most basic plan, some features are restricted, like ad-free music, offline listening, and extra features. So yes, it has a free option to listeners.


Youtube Music is also a platform that catches the attention of music lovers. It has plenty of rarities and lots and lots of music videos.

Like other music streaming services, YouTube Music comes with free and premium tiers. The free version is ad-supported, so that’s what funds the platform.

For those who want to experiment, the free-tier is an excellent experience.

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BBC Sounds


BBC Sounds brings together all kinds of podcasts, music mixes, live sets and more. On this app, you can search by genre, download and listen on-the-go and continue listening where you left off on another device. It is very easy to find gospel music on it.

It is necessary that you try all platforms mentioned above to know which one best suits your needs.

App to listen to free gospel music.

So now that you know that it is possible to listen to gospel music for free without internet, all you have to do is assemble your playlist with all the songs you like and enjoy it a lot!


To download these great applications, go to App Store or Google Play Store. Just remembering that you can also access the platforms from your computer. Choose what is easiest for you!