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Have you ever imagined recording every little piece of your best moments? That’s right, it’s now possible to take 360-degree photos on your cellphone in a complete and creative way. Stay with us and learn how to take a 360 degree photo for free.

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Due to technological advances, it is now possible to take photos of your favorite places with a wide camera, in 360 degrees.

To help you take good 360-degree photos and take advantage of this new tool, we have prepared a list of some applications that make your cellphone capable of using the feature.

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Cardboard Camera

The initial option is the Cardboard Camera app. The platform is 100% free for Android devices.

The app allows the user to take 360º photos and enable audio capture, making the experience even more complete.

The Cardboard Camera also works as a complement to Google’s virtual reality glasses, making it an incredible option for your recreation.

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To create your images, simply position your device correctly and press the capture button, rotating until the photo is finished.

Splash – 360 Video Camera

Splash offers several options, one of which is to function as a 360-degree photo Snapchat.

Through the app, you can see images of people from all over the world. The program is available for iPhone and allows the user to take several photos in sequence.

Furthermore, the application allows you to merge several images into one.

360 panorama

The 360 panorama is also a great option for capturing your photos, as well as being quite simple.

To do this, you need to position your smartphone and rotate the cellphone. The application itself will produce the image automatically.

The app even works as a social network, making it possible to interact with other users and view images captured around the world. The downside is that, although the download is free, some resources are paid.

Photo Sphere Camera

Another incredible option is Photo Sphere Camera, an application specializing in 360-degree photos that works together with Google Maps.

With Photo Sphere Camera, you can capture 360º images and post them on Maps. This way, you can share with others a complete and broad view of where you are.

The app has a very pleasant and simple interface. Because it presents good results and is easy to use, the Google application is a good option for users who want to carry out this type of photography.

Photaf Panorama

Last but not least, we have Photaf Panorama, an incredible option for those who like to record 360-degree images.

The app is 100% free and is only available for Android phones.

The service offers automatic or manual mode options, allowing you to adjust the light and flash usage.

It is important to note that the app works even on older versions of Android, running on 3.2.7 or higher!

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Now that you know the app that takes 360-degree photos for free, go to Google PlayStore or App Store and try the apps for yourself!

We hope you enjoyed our incredible tips!

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