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Surely you who are going to be a mother would like to feel even more connected with your baby. Did you know that there are a lots of apps that measures the baby’s heartbeat from the mother’s womb? That’s right! Apps that measures the baby’s heartbeat from the mother’s womb are revolutionary.

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Currently, it is possible to easily buy a portable fetal doppler to check the fetal heartbeat at home, bringing the mother and the child way closer.

However, one thing is obvious: with the app you can hear the baby’s heartbeat at any time, just connect a device to your cell phone and that’s it! The magic is done! It’s quite simple.

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Because of this, it will no longer be necessary to control the anxiety of the next medical appointment.

You can relax because technology is on your side to make these moments much more frequent.


Firslty, comes “Shell”, that is a app that measures the baby’s heart from the mother’s womb. Basically, it is an amplifier from the Bellabear company and is very similar to the devices used in normal ultrasounds, which is excellent.

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It is available for both Android and iOS devices, confirming its versatility.


The Babyscope app is another favorite app for pregnant women to listen to their babies.

It performs the same function as the Shell app, but it is only available for Apple-branded devices. Anyway, it’s also good to get to know this option.

The Best Pregnancy Tracker Apps


This smartphone app shows the baby’s heartbeat and allows mothers to track their progress in the womb.

It has a fetal heart rate monitor. In addition, the app allows the mother to record the sound of her child’s heartbeat. It’s one of the most popular apps that measures the baby’s heartbeat from the mother’s womb.


Angel Sounds works more like a physical fetal monitor, not needing a cell phone device to hear the baby’s heartbeat, for example.

Even though it is from a different category, it is also a good option for moms.


Now that you know that there are apps that were developed specifically for this moment, are you ready to get even closer to your son or daughter and follow their evolution?

It’s going to be hard to hold back the emotion! It is really hard to be prepared for a moment like this, even if you have already been pregnant before.

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Each experience is very unique, incomparable. All mothers across the world can confirm this.

Your baby’s heartbeat.


Enjoy every moment of your pregnancy and use technology to make everything even deeper, especially the special bond between all relatives and the baby.

The whole family will love to follow this incredible and important process, which is pregnancy. Apps that measures the baby’s heartbeat from the mother’s womb were developed to help.

To download the app, go yo Google Play Store or App Store.