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Gamer, answer us one thing: Surely you’ve played or at least heard about the Call of Duty shooting game, right?

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Would you like it if we told you that we can teach you How to install and play free Call Of Duty on mobile.

Wonderful, isn’t it?

We developed this post thinking about you, gamer, who wants to know what to do to access the Call Of Duty game on your cell phone without paying anything! That’s right!

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Knowing that there is the possibility of playing this game on your cell phone and still paying nothing is very exciting, since some people may not be able to afford the paid version of the Call Of Duty game.

In this post we brought tips and directions so you can install and play Call Of Duty totally free on your cell phone. Let’s get to bussiness!

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game franchise published by Activision.

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The first title in the series was released in 2003 and started on computers, later the series expanded to the most varied consoles, laptops and smartphones.

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Call of Duty Mobile was released for iOS (iPhone) and Android devices this week and promises to be one of the great mobile shooters, with a huge focus on multiplayer.

The title is free and its download only requires registration from the device’s own online store – in addition to a registered account in the game to play. Pretty easy, right?

How to download the Call Of Duty app:

Step 1. Open the online store on your device, either Google Play or App Store, depending on what type of device you have;
Step 2. Tap the “Search” field of the online store, usually a magnifying glass, to start looking for the game;
Step 3. Type “Call of Duty Mobile” to search;
Step 4. Tap “Get” if you are using iPhone or “Install” if your platform is Android;
Step 5. Wait for the download and enjoy.


After the game is installed, just open it to play. The app will be ready to run on your cell phone without any difficulties, if the device is in normal conditions of use.


We hope you enjoyed our post and have a great time playing Call of Duty on your mobile phone!

Stay tuned on our website! We have several posts with tips on various other topics that may be of interest to you or someone you know!

From apps to tips, we produce content that can be of great value to many people. All this thinking about our dear readers.

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Please feel free to browse our website anytime you want.

How to install and play free Call Of Duty on mobile.

Now that you know what to do, go straight to  Google Play Store or App Store, download the app and have fun! Call of Duty will keep you entertained for hours! It’s an excellent game.

Bye bye! See you soon!