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You, future mom or future dad must be dying to know how your little baby is doing, right? Download one of these apps and listen to the baby’s heartbeat on your cell phone! That’s right!

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There are some apps available that can help you feel even more connected with your son or daughter!

Shall we check the list of apps? We’re sure you’ll love it!

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Bellabeat is one of the apps to listen to the baby’s heart that works as a community for pregnant women. It was developed by doctors so that mothers can monitor their pregnancy from home.

But it cannot be the only follow-up method, always look for health centers and hospitals for safer follow-up.

Pregnancy Tracker

Pregnancy Tracker is one of the applications to listen to the baby’s heart that promises to help moms to check the health of their child inside the belly.

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However, the application may not work properly and for this reason we reinforce the need for medical follow-up.

Stethoscope, Telemedicine

With the Stethoscope, Telemedicine, you can listen and record your baby’s heart and lung beats, and after that you can record and share to other devices.
But it shouldn’t be the only pregnancy monitoring method you should acquire, always look for a doctor.

Discover your future baby’s face

Pregnancy Tracker – Rear Windows

Also developed to be one of the applications to listen to the baby’s heartbeat, the Pregnancy Tracker also offers options to follow the pregnancy.

Even though it offers one of the most complete resources for you to be able to know the length of your pregnancy, listen to the baby’s heartbeat and some other tips, using this app cannot replace medical monitoring.

Fetal Movement Count

Have your baby’s development in the palm of your hands, follow the weeks of pregnancy and find out how your health and that of your child are doing.

Take this option as an aid, but never fail to consult a specialist to take care of your health and have a healthy baby.


Learn how to listen to the baby’s heartbeat on your cell phone with the help of Babydoppler, it is an application to monitor the heartbeat and find out how your baby is developing inside your womb.
It may not be the most effective method for complete follow-up, which is why you should always rely on a healthcare professional.


With the HiMommy application you can follow your baby’s progress and you will also receive encouraging and affectionate messages.

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Even with the help of this method, be sure to go to the hospital, follow up with a doctor and have the safety and care that you and your baby need.


It is not recommended that you rely solely on them to monitor your child or your pregnancy.
We have listed some options in this text, but it is extremely important that you follow our tips regarding always looking for a hospital or health center for more elaborate and effective follow-up.

Now that you know what to do, go straight to  Google Play Store or App Store, download one of the apps and have fun!