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Can you imagine finding your smartphone clapping? That’s right, now it’s possible! Stay with us and find out how to find a cellphone by clapping!

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Due to the advancement of technology, it is now possible to install several applications on your cellphone that help you find lost and stolen smartphones.

This new technology is activated when the location is active, and can even notify the police to go to where your smartphone is. Likewise, lost cellphones can be found more easily, ensuring that you don’t have huge losses.

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For this, we have prepared the best application options to facilitate the location of your cellphone. Let’s check it out?

Find My Device

The Find My Device app is completely free and is the first suggestion on our list.

One of its incredible advantages is the fact that it allows the management of more than one device in the palm of your hand. Thus, you can even include a tablet or a second smartphone in the list, making it easier to find your devices.

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Operation is basic and very intuitive: The app emits a signal from a distance and allows the device to be located easily.

When opening the map, the coordinates of where the cellphone is will be displayed, and it is even possible to delete applications remotely, ensuring even more security.

Lost Android

Another amazing option to download is the Lost Android app. It allows remote control of a smartphone through an incredibly easy and intuitive control panel.

The app even lets you control your cellphone via SMS in case of emergencies. It is one of the most incredible and developed options to make life difficult for those who have stolen your device.

Furthermore, among all the functions it enables, the main highlight is the option of being able to delete the contents of a memory card or activate the security alarm so that it keeps playing non-stop.

Another incredible function is the automatic photo, that is, you can shoot from the front or rear camera, in an attempt to identify the miscreant who has your device in hand.

Seek droid

The Seek Droid application is a little simpler than the previous options, but it still offers an excellent alternative and technology within the same proposal presented.

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This app allows you to locate a stolen or lost smartphone via GPS! Seek brings good news to its users: it is now possible to enable your device’s GPS even from a distance.

Another incredible function is the possibility of activating the alarm with a personalized message. Thus, you can create an audio message informing that your cellphone has been stolen and everyone around the person with your device will know what is happening at that moment.

This incredible technology is activated at all times! Not even when removing the SIM Card or uninstalling the app you lose control over the device.

Where is my droid

Where is my Droid is one of the best known apps on the market when it comes to locating a device!

By triggering a text message, you can trigger an alarm on your cellphone, even if the
device is in silent mode. Thus, the thief will be forced to turn off the cellphone to stop the noise.

Another incredible option is the possibility of the application forwarding a message to the device to emit a signal. It can be located by the GPS. All of these are available in the free version, but those who want extra features can purchase it.

In this option, the application makes it possible to delete sensitive apps from a distance, preventing criminals from having access to your passwords and personal information.


Whistle Me

Finally, closing our list, we have a smartphone location app that is a little different from the other previous suggestions. Whistle Me is indicated for specific situations when you lose your cellphone inside your home or office.

The app even makes it possible to locate the device with a simple whistle!

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After installing the application, just enable the function and configure the intensity level. On “easy”, any whistle makes your phone ring the alarm while “hard” makes it more selective. Finally, in “ring time”, define how long the device will ring after activating the alarm.

In addition to being amazing, the application can be used completely free, so the app is quite useful.


Now that you know how to find a clapping cellphone, go to Google Play Store or App StoreTry it for yourself!

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